Aliciame[Alicia & me]

Every Monday I wake up more excited than on any other morning; before I've even put the kettle on or washed my face I am sitting at the computer, checking my email to see what Alicia has sent me overnight. We never discuss our pictures beforehand; she simply sends me her Polaroid shot for the week and I pair it with the shot i have sitting on my desktop, ready to go. When I asked Alicia if she'd like to work on a little collaboration with me, I had no idea that this would turn into such an enjoyable project. This morning I still had my thrill, as I opened her email to discover a shot of Lake Michigan, the perfect companion to my polka dot mug holding my daily hot water with lemon. We'd both been drawn to water; two blondes, two Polaroid lovers; two more of our Favorite Things. Today I wanted to share my favourite favorites.. so far.