Mung beans, lentils and toast

The Californian Mung bean and her sweet daughter, the Lentil, came to visit today and there were only two Bath landmarks they wanted to visit: The Roman Baths and the Crescent Jamie’s Italian and Toast. So it was my very great pleasure to share a ridiculously delish lunch with them before I nipped back home to my editing and they went in search of coffee and cake. Love yous guys!

Right this moment

ps. what are you doing on September 18th? Would you like to spend the day with me in Berkeley, CA? I’m heading back to the Bay Area and will be teaching a one-day workshop at the lovely Teahouse Studios! The workshop is called Photo Meditations: Infusing Your Images with Depth & Soul:

In this peaceful and nurturing one-day workshop we’ll explore how we can infuse greater depth and soul into our photographs by using our camera as a meditative tool. To do this we’ll practice the art of paying attention, starting with a series of exercises in the studio before we head out on a photo safari after lunch. Photography has a wonderful way of bringing our focus back into the present moment and we’ll be exploring this as we literally focus our lenses on the world around us.

pps. A little birdie tells me that Ms Hula herself, Andrea Jenkins, will be teaching a Polaroid workshop the day before, so if you sign up for both it’ll be a photography weekend bonanza — keep an eye on the Teahouse website for more details… x


The wedding of the year

Sas and Ash’s big day was the most magical blend of love, family, friendship, sunshine and the constant click of iPhone cameras being fired. It was the sort of elegantly understated ceremony that made the likes of me — someone who’s never had any desire to get married — suddenly all misty-eyed and wistful, in the best possible way. As the only single adult on the day (my hot date flew all the way from California) I was lucky enough to be handed the bouquet at the end, and people you know i’m drying some of those rose petals… just in case.

The venue was utterly divine, with bedrooms designed by Ilse Crawford of Elle Decoration fame, the food was delish and the company included some of my favourite people in the world. The hours we spent hanging out in the bridal suite as Sas got ready were filled with raucous laughter, a LOT of tears and many sets of magic knickers (a revelation!) — I’m very lucky to call these women my friends.

And what can I tell you about the bride? She was simply radiant. Composed and beautiful, Sas literally danced down the aisle — i have never been more proud. You only have to spend a bit of time with Sas & Ash to see how perfectly matched they, their love for each so real, true and thoroughly grown-up. I had a few tender moments leading up to the wedding, the stitches on my heart pulling as I reflected on where I am in my life right now. Lately I’ve found it quite hard to be around happy couples, the ones who hold hands and whisper in each other’s ears. A few years ago Sas lost her mum, and this shared understanding of grief means we’ve often joked that our loved ones drink champagne together for the important moments in our lives; on Saturday I felt her mum and my love around us. I felt Sas’s loss, and I felt mine, but it was cradled in gratitude for how far we have come. Like I said, there were a lot of tears that day. Good healthy healing tears.

I love you, Mrs Petherick — thank you for sharing your wedding day, and your heart, with us all xo

Something for the weekend

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And last but not least, my mate Sas is getting married tomorrow!!

[all photos shot at The Makery Emporium with my trusty iPhone]

* these two are affiliate links because I believe in them :)