Something for the weekend

I loved reading these three articles about being an auntie

“You’re my zen cheese”

[Video] This is magical: Forwards Backwards (via Melissa)

The Vegan Stoner (also: fancy grilled cheese, or cheese-on-toast as we like to call it on my planet ;)

Show off! How to write 300,000 words in one year

Before they were famous

How to make lotion bars

Seth Godin on blogging & productivity

Well, this takes me back: teenage bedrooms

Marianne is running another Karma Yoga session this year — pay-what-you-can and help raise money for good causes!

We’ll be doing this for Noah one day: Thor party! (also: this)

Aran’s food photos are always so delightful (and loving this urban engagement shoot)

Have you seen Graciel’s soulful new magazine?

Bizarre: 3D photo sculptures of people

Just bought this ebook: I Quit Sugar

[Video] An inspiring film about drawing (via Keri)

The aurora seen from the International Space Station (also: white whale calf spotted off the Whitsundays (via Jo)

The 10 Golden Rules of Lomography (also: Instagram recreated with vintage cameras & film)

Self love = good business

And finally, Andrea asks: what’s your epic shit?

Enjoy! xo

An Indian summer in autumn

After a week of poring over every word and making corrections and alterations, I sent the manuscript back to Kristen the copy editor yesterday. The cover design has been completed (I can’t wait to show you!) and next up is the interior. Going back through the manuscript for a second time was a much more sobering experience — I’m happy to report that there were enough passages I did like to reassure me the book’s not totally shite, but I gotta say… my perfectionist side went into overdrive. There were moments when I just wanted to delete the whole thing and start again. It’s hard to let the book be finished. Reading back there was so much more I wanted to add — new chapters, new ideas, new tangents that occured to me. I guess this is why authors pen a second book :) but still… it’s a finished object, and that feels strange. I think I have been blogging for too long.

* * * * *

We’re enjoying an Indian summer in the UK right now. They say it will last till Tuesday, so I went into town today to work in my new favourite cafe and just be in the sun-soaked streets. The warm breeze was like an embrace and I lapped it up. In the photo above you see me working on the Photo Meditations course — that feels like an embrace too. I really hope you like it because i can’t wait to share it.

Something for the weekend

My mate Leonie is one of the most genuine tender-hearted people I know. She’s leading a creative retreat in New Zealand in March — take a peek at her heart in this post

I’m currently obsessed with these delicious lipbalms (i alternate with these and these, and will never go back to machine-made lipbalms again!)

I really really love peas (I like kale too)

Things we say today which we owe to Shakespeare

This is the best Burning House entry to date

This amazing company makes custom soft toys out of kids drawings! (also: knitting Rothko)

I really wish I had the ovaries to do this :)

Have you heard about the World’s Biggest Summit? It’s free!

Was Nicolas Cage a vampire during the civil war? (via Jo)

Hilarious customer reviews for a $26,000 camera lens

Dinosaur feathers found in amber reinforce evolution theories

Is photography over? (ermm….. no)

Victoria always finds the best interiors photos!

[Biz ladies] Bookkeeping 101

“Writing makes you alive and awake”

This brought a tear to my eye: the first time they’d seen themselves in a photo

Interviewpalooza! You can find me over on Christines’s new Global Inspirations column, and featured in two up-coming ecourses: Soul*Full and Creative Courage

I need more yellow in my world, don’t you?

Next time I’m in London I’m heading to Drink, Shop & Do

And finally, this is my entire existence

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