So here, at last, is the cover of my book!

Had it been left to me it would’ve been much simpler — verging on minimal, even — but when my editor sent me the first version (what you see above is the third and final) I immediately understood what they were thinking. We needed a cover that was rich and luscious to draw prospective readers to it. It’s textured, colourful, layered and thoughtful — just like the words it contains. And truth be told, this is absolutely the sort of cover I would pick up in a book store.

Having my mug on the cover made me squirm at first — that old visibility thing rearing its head. But I remember the day I took that photo and it was full of calm and quiet. And the photo of my sister on the right is one of my favourites. Seeing us together makes me smile.

The cover also reminds me of the wallpaper that decorated the dining room of our house when we were kids. This wasn’t planned but it feels so meant to be:

(Can you see how much Noah looks like his mummy?)

We’re working on the insides of the book at the moment — after the richness of the cover, the insides are much more calm and simple, with Polaroids dotted throughout the text. We’re getting our zen on and I think you’re going to like it :)

Some stats:
The book will be 5.5 x 7.5 inches
Publication date: June 5th, 2012
Price: $21.95 (£14.31) but you can pre-order it on* right now for $14.93 (£12.78)

* Did you see what I did just then? I linked to my book on Amazon! There is a young girl dancing inside of me right now, the girl who spent entire weekends lying on her bed reading books. The girl who wrote stories about love and recorded the smallest details of her life in her notebooks…