This week I discovered Found (above and below), the stationery mothership in Bath

Why writers should meditate

I love how Brian captured the light of the Indian summer

[Video] Pam’s take on the perils of  ‘compare and despair’ really spoke to me this week

Sinking into autumn with spiced apple cider and red wine chocolate cake (also: pear & almond chocolate cake with cider glaze FTW!)

This series of photos enchanted me (via Photo Jojo)

Have you seen Jane’s inspired new offfering?

6 So-Called Rules for the Creative Badass Woman

I love Ada’s outfit!

I didn’t want to love it, but the new iPhone 4S is tempting me ;)

Put your passwords on speed dial (via Patti)

How to Read More: A Lover’s Guide

Loving Alicia’s new series of photos, and Mia’s Polaroids always touch my heart (also: these and these)

This is so cool! (via Chris)

I want to go fragrance shopping in NYC

Bookshelf p0rn (via Bea)

I want one of these quilts so badly it hurts

Learning to Take Up the Space You Deserve

I was interviewed over on this week

And finally, this blog makes me chuckle

Enjoy! xo