I will not be beaten down

I will not be beaten down by my hormones, by the sinister slippery way they convince me I’m not worthy.
I will not be beaten down by time, by the rush and the panic and never-enough.
I will not be beaten down by my own expectations, by thinking I should be something when I already am so much.
I will not be beaten down by others’ expectations, by how their judgments of my situation reveals more about theirs.
I will not be beaten down by my inner critic, for it is only fear that comes out of her mouth.
I will not be beaten down by that fear, by how I purposely trip myself up when things are going well.
I will not be beaten down by the shoulds, because that way disappointments lies.
I will not be beaten down by the past, because it no longer needs to define my future.
I will not be beaten down by myself, because when all is said and done, I am my greatest ally.

* This Polaroid is one of the three featured on the cover of my book :)

Something for the weekend

I went to bed on Tuesday feeling weird and promptly woke up the next morning with some sorta illness that doesn’t have a name — it’s a mash-up of the flu, tonsillitis and a migraine. FUN! I’m off to the doctor’s in an hour to see if she can do anything for me. However, I am so committed to my Friday posts there was no way I was going to let this one go by…. plus it’s 11/11/11, so consider this your little reminder to make a wish :)

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And finally, i’m back from the doctor with a jar of penicillin and a House season six box set. That should sort me out. Be well everyone! xo

Instant Love: the cover

I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that I have two books coming out next year. I mean, I did the work. I sat in this chair I am sitting in now and wrote for MONTHS. I shot the images. I pulled out every thread of myself for my book and collaborated with two women I admire so much for the other. And yet, as we get closer to 2012 and the final birthing of the books, I still can’t quite believe it. I’m almost embarrased to have two books coming out — it’s seems so greedy. But that’s just the way it happened. A little bit of serendipity spirinkled on a ton of hard work.

In this age of online magic having a paper book in your hands could be considered rather quaint, but after centuries of the written word, i don’t think they’ll be dying out any time soon. If anything, my Kindle makes me appreciate my paper books even more.  I love watching my nephew playing on his mummy’s iPad but his favourite is still a paper book about tractors.

I got a nice surprise this morning when I noticed the covers of the books had been added to their Amazon listings. It’s a pleasure to be able to finally show you the cover of Instant Love. It’s a book for anyone who loves Polaroids and photography and we hope it will inspire you to go exploring with your cameras!

Instant Love back cover

Some stats:
The book will be hardcover
Publication date: May 16th, 2012
Price: $18.95 (£11.99) but you can pre-order it on Amazon.com/Amazon.co.uk right now for $10.76 (£9.23)

Something for the weekend

I don’t really know how to look after myself. I mean, I try, don’t get me wrong, but these days I seem to be turning into a workaholic. I’m just so flippin’ passionate about what I do i don’t want to slow down. So I’m trying to learn the art of time management — how to work more efficiently so I a) get more done and b) can eek out some down time too. So in the interests of self-care I’m sharing a short SFTW today so I can finish my work in time to catch a train to see my nephew. Two days with Blondie Bear should be enough to reboot my brain ready to get back to my desk on Monday. Boo yah!

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Plan to make butternut squash risotto with lemon & pistachios next week (and maybe apple, pomegranate & brussels sprout salad too)

And finally, how so you practice self care? What do you do just for you? And if, like me, you find it hard to do…. do you want to join me in trying to learn how to do it? xo