I went to bed on Tuesday feeling weird and promptly woke up the next morning with some sorta illness that doesn’t have a name — it’s a mash-up of the flu, tonsillitis and a migraine. FUN! I’m off to the doctor’s in an hour to see if she can do anything for me. However, I am so committed to my Friday posts there was no way I was going to let this one go by…. plus it’s 11/11/11, so consider this your little reminder to make a wish :)

[video] This incredible video has been everywhere and for good reason

Loving Jen Causey’s new calender

Such a simple and sweet idea: the Twitter Key Project

Incredible shots of clouds at 20,000 feet

“I pretty much fly by the seat of my pants, learning as I go. It’s frightening, really. But it’s fantastic.”

[video] This cheered me up (via jennifer)

A lust for life (via Katie)

So cute! Dinner plate landscapes

Film photography crash course

Loving Shanna & Nikole’s desktop wallpaper

I heart Studio Morran (see also: my interview with Morran’s mum)

Have you seen Kelly Rae and Beth’s new soulful biz course? I’ll be sharing my tips on how to make awesome e-courses in week seven

If, like me, you find ads on the internet annoying, check this out (via keri)

[music] a beautiful song

And finally, i’m back from the doctor with a jar of penicillin and a House season six box set. That should sort me out. Be well everyone! xo