I enjoy shooting with my analogue cameras, digital cameras and my iPhone equally — it’s all about creating images and recording moments for me — so when Annie Leibovitz pulled out her iPhone I gave a whooop of joy. Decades of photographic snobbery crumbling right there!

[video] this is why I love Miranda July: A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted

These body mosaics are amazing (and check out these collages)

[video] this stop-motion video made from jelly beans reminds me of Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer (still the best!)

Loved Jamie’s post about how she planned the year ahead (related: Clare’s tips for creating a one-page biz plan)

[more video!] Foxes jumping on a trampoline (via Angie)

Want! Vintage cameras turned into nightlights

I am loving this 404 error page

These are impressive, and a little creepy: Back to the future II

Also impressive: the 24-hour Flickr mountain

Melody Miller fabric

Bought this lovely fabric (above) to make some cushions and then discovered the fabric’s super-talented designer follows me on Twitter — i mean, what are the odds? So everybody, meet Melody Miller. Melody, meet everybody!

How about this place for a magical getaway?

The perfect Christmas present for the man in your life: Beard hats!

Van life

So pleased with my leather iPad cover! Would make a great pressie

Thinking about making an Instagram calender

Currently burning this gorgeous scented candle

[music] Call Your Girfriend a cappella

Lego jelly moulds

And finally, I saved the best video for last: Marcel the Shell with shoes on is back!

Enjoy! xo