I’m proofreading the book this week, looking for typos and embarrassing word choices (there have been a few). There are parts I’ve really enjoyed reading back, and others that I’m not too keen on. I know it’s too late to do any major rewrites and I’m guessing this is just part of the process: the book will never really be finished. It’s a snapshot of my thoughts and ideas during the six months I wrote it. There’s truthfulness in it; there are parts that make me cringe a little, when I worry I may have said too much. I’m happy with all the Polaroids, so that’s something to hold on to when I get nervous about the looming publication date. I really wish we could put a big sticker on the front cover of every copy that says: To be read while wrapped in your favourite blanket and sipping hot chocolate. With a journal by your side.

It’s that sort of book.