I’ve been dreaming up fun things to do for my book signings so i had a stamp made and it arrived yesterday. Kozue on Etsy has done such an amazing job! My idea was this: if you meet me in person and I sign your book I’ll put a stamp in it too, to make it a bit special :)

LOVE this! Famous photgraphers pose with their iconic images

Beautiful abstract Polaroids (via jen)

The washi tape expo

[video] Brian Cox is my new pin-up: why everything is connected to everything else

My sister and I are obsessed with this for Noah

Love the story behind this jewellery company

Sip & snack

This is epic: the scale of the universe

Could he BE any sexier?!

50 ways to say ‘you’re awesome’

Marianne’s book, Zen Under Fire, is now OUT IN THE WORLD! We first met when she was working in Afghanistan and came to the UK for a few days of down time…. and look where she is now. I am so so proud of my friend!

[video] Mary Ellen Mark shares her thoughts on capturing iconic images (also: looking foward to this book)

And finally, the winner of Wednesday’s poetry giveaway is Cecilia! Email coming your way soon, love x