Man, even the trailer made me cry #hormones

She’s sold 800 million books (also: six tips on writing from John Steinbeck)

The ten, make that nine, habits of very organized people. Make that ten.

Loving these iPad sleeves

100 best first lines from novels (via Heidi)

[video] Imagination should be the center of your life.

Loving Andrea’s fifty suns

Important: Twitter’s tales of sexism (and the site she made)

How to find the original source of an image on Pinterest

Currently have a huge crush on Ben Howard

This will be me when I’m 80. FACT.

The mathematical impossiblity of universal delight

Have you seen Taproot magazine?

[video] The Power of Introverts

New to me, but not her thousands of fans:

And finally, it’s all happening tomorrow! xo