* PLEASE NOTE: The pre-order offer has now closed as the class has started. Thank you for understanding! x

So, I wanted to create a sweet pre-order offer for This I Know that would enhance your experience of reading the book. I ummed and ahhhed about making a brand new course, mindful of the fact that time was running out — and then it hit me. I have a beautiful jewel of a course that has been waiting for the right moment to step back out into the light — it’s called Exploring the Senses and it’s a 30-day dive into sensual living.

I think you’re going to love it.

The goal of the course is the renewal of our senses – becoming more aware of them, how we use them and how we can strengthen them. It’s so easy to jog through life with our eyes shut, our ears closed, our sense of smell dialled down to zero, so we’re going to be gently challenging this as we work through the course. This I Know is all about mindfulness, living in the present moment and mining our lives to uncover the truth about the past and our dreams — I can think of no better way to plug into all that good stuff than through our senses.

The course includes many of the exercises and inquiries that have supported me in my healing journey over the years, which is why I knew it would make such a great accompaniment to the book.

There are also interviews with peeps who inspire me, including Andrea Jenkins, Fabeku Fatunmise, Helene Dujardin and Bridget Pilloud. So I hope this sensual journey will be an enjoyable extra layer of unravelling for you as you read the book.

How to get the course:

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The book can be purchased online from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Chapters and Barnes & Noble — the books are now with retailers, so you won’t have to wait long to get your copy, I promise. If you found This I Know in a bookstore (yay! real bookstores!) then just send us a photo of the book.


As an extra special thank you, and because a) I strongly believe This I Know is meant to be shared with the women in your life, and b) I want to encourage sales to please my publisher (let’s be honest, here :) if you buy THREE books we’ll sign you up to Exploring the Senses AND send you the Photo Meditations ebook ($150 value – 114 pages of awesome) for free!

[info removed -- offer now closed]

PLEASE NOTE: This special pre-order offer will close at midnight GMT on Monday June 4th.

Thank you so much to those of you who’ve already pre-ordered the book! It’s so exciting watching my book baby find her way in the world — with every email I receive from a reader I realise that the book isn’t really about me at all. I mean, I wrote it, sure, but it’s what the reader finds in the pages that’s most important. xx