1. There is a photo of me naked hidden in the pages.

2. But, arguably more shocking, the word unicorn appears in the book.

3. I hint at both drug use and masturbation. Yep, I went there.

4. I recount the story of meeting my father 16 years after he left our family home.

5. I share how I embarassed myself in front of my poetry idol.

6. I reveal the four words that changed my entire life.

7. I tell you how I really feel about my wobbly thighs…

8. … after sharing the story of my week on a nudist beach.

9. I ate approximately four jars of Nutella (with a spoon) while writing the first draft.

10. The entire canon of Buffy the Vampire Slayer may have been playing in the background while I edited the second draft.

Bonus: There is only one f-bomb in the entire book. I think this shows great restraint on my part ;)


Thank you SO MUCH for all your pre-orders yesterday! Currently This I Know is #7 in Creativity and #3 in Death & Grief on Amazon.com, which is above and beyond anything I’d hoped for this little book. Thank you! xx