I’m writing this from my hotel room in New York City — the awesomeness of this is not lost on me :) In a few days I’ll be flying back to (most likely rainy) England and stepping back into my usual routine, a routine I plan to pull apart and remake as the weeks pass.

But first there is August.

For the last two years I’ve hosted the August Break, a sweet no-rules community project that involves sharing one photo (or more) a day on your blog for the whole of August. Can be any sort of photo. Can include some words, or not. Doesn’t even have to be every day. The idea is to simply sink into the joys of the month while taking a wee break from the obligations of blogging.

As I’ve had bit of a July break while i’ve been on the book tour I’m actually looking forward to unravelling my thoughts about my time away and writing some blog posts, but August is still a time of rest and refection, so I’ll August Breaking right alongside you.

Would you like to join me?

I’ve made a page for a blog roll over here — last year there were so many new blogs to visit, it’s a great way to make some new blog pals :) Katrina of Pugly Pixel has made some fabulous badges for us (I love them so much – thank you, Katrina!) so feel free to add one to your blog if you wish. I’ll get some code for the badges made next week — my designer Jo is currently away and I lack the techie skills to do it, so bear with me!

I’ve also created a Flickr group, so head over there to join the group ready for our start on August 1st.

And while i’m thinking of it, let’s have an Instagram hashtag too, yes? How about #augustbreak ?

Okay, NYC is calling to me…. more soon! xo