If you’re reading this post in Google Reader or by email you might like to pop over to the site — I’ve had a revamp! I wanted a return to the simplicity of the early days, so we’ve pared back the design a tad and hopefully infused a little more calm. There’s a brand new page revealing the skinny on my Big Sister Sessions, and a new shop page, too. I’m also gifting the Exploring the Senses ebook to everyone who joins my mailing list — I’ve never been a big fan of optin offers, but I AM a fan of presents, so gifting a whole ecourse-in-an-ebook felt like a fair compromise :) I hope you like the new look!

[video] Montaged signature camera angles from Wes Anderson | Kubrick | Tarantino | Aronofsky

I need these pencils. I need this clutch. I need this photograph.

[audio] My soul sister Megg has launched her magical new site and she’s sharing her first book chaper-by-chapter in a weekly podcast — there’s something so lovely about listening to a story, so I’m hooked already :)

It’s amazing what you can do with an iPhone and cool app: Nicole Franzen’s photographs

The new normal… insight from Martha Beck

Lasagna bolognese | pumpkin, chorizo & chickpea soupbutter lettuce salad with tahini-honey dressing

Needing this lately: the perfect snooze

More from Iceland

Business is a sacred container for creative growth and transformation: wisdom from Hiro

[video] Holy naked us

[video] Completely obsessed with WALK THE MOON’s debut album. Love all the songs, which is so rare these days. Listening to it right now on repeat… I think ‘Tightrope‘ will be my anthem for moving back to London…

Have fun this weekend, loves! xo