The mustachio’d dude holding my nephew in the photo above is not a 70s porn star, but is, in fact, Noah’s dad, Steve. The ‘tache looks kinda natural on him, huh? Steve’s been raising money for Movember and, frankly, has been having a whale of a time. Never one to shy away from a challenge — especially if it involves comedy facal hair — Steve actually went to Boots last weekend and bought Just for Men beard dye to make his mustache even more awesome (if that is even possible). I watched the metamorphosis as it happened. It was thrilling, let me tell you.

I wanted to support the efforts of my mo-bro-in-law because he’s such a great dad to Noah, a passable husband to my sister (only kidding!), and an all-round diamond geezer, so if you don’t currently have a mo bro in your life and fancied supporting Steve’s tache-tastic journey, his Movember page is over here. Every penny helps :)

Love you, mo bro xo