I’ve had a few emails from peeps asking my advice on how to best put the workbook together so I thought I’d show you what I’ve done, with a couple of extra ideas, too.

Like last year I wanted to put the workbook into my A5 Filofax (a 3-year-old acqua Finsbury), so I printed out the sheets onto A4 paper, printing two pages to one sheet of paper (had to fiddle around with the settings to get that to work *ahem*). I cut the printed pages in half and punched holes using a Filofax hole punch (have never regretted buying this) — and that’s it. Didn’t take more than 20 minutes and now the pages are safefy stored in my Creative Dream Journal (you can read more about the CDJ over here — it’s one of my favourite things).

If A5 binders are short on the ground you could also print the workbook pages at actual size and put them in a regular binder. Or even sandwich the printed sheets between two pieces of clear plastic (or card) and have them professionally bound with wire binding (the sort of stuff you’d use for college projects, like this). Doing this gives the workbook more heft making it easier to write in. If you plan to come back to your workbook again and again I’d suggest adding in some extra blank pages, too — turn it into a full-on journal!

Obviously all of these ideas are dependent on you having ink in your printer (or a printer, for that matter) so I’d also suggest reading through the PDF on your computer and journalling straight into a notebook. I’m going to do this for some of the questions, the ones that are asking for lots more thought and planning…

But in all honesty, it doesn’t matter whether your print it out or not — what matters is sitting down and thinking about the questions. I often feel like i’m careening through the days and months completely out of control and at the mercy of the winds so doing this journalling work helps me feel like I have a say in the direction I travel. If nothing else it’s fascinating reading back what I wrote last year.

It’s been fun getting glimpses on Instagram and Facebook of how you guys are rocking the workbook — the photos above show how Jillian, Tammy, BrianaLisa, Trina, Esme and Kaz are using theirs. I especially love how Jillian and Briana lit candles to accompany their journalling — this does feel like quite sacred work, the sort that deserves a bit of ritual around it. Or you could just go the coffee and cake route, obviously ;)

Have you dug into the workbook yet or are you saving it for New Year? Maybe waiting for a quiet moment to yourself? I’m planning to block out a whole evening to dig deeply… there will definitely be candles involved.

[You can download the workbook over here]