Just donated to help save a teenage girl’s life, remembering how hopeless and out of control I often felt at that age. Please do donate if you can. Every little bit helps

The best book covers of 2012

Kindling Quarterly: a magazine for fathers

SO awesome: how blind people use Instagram

Because you never know what’s really going on for someone else: Curatives for judgement — smarts from Danielle

Megan’s drawing a portrait-a-day for a year and she’d like to draw you — here’s mine :)

[video] What would you do if money was no object? | What’s your money story?

Chocolate Guinness cake | warm butternut squash & chickpea salad

London Underground: 14 alternate tube maps | vintage album art inspired by Homeland

Gorgeous new project from Lisa & Maria: The Reconstructionists

The photo is lying – super smarts from Kate

I’m going ease hunting with Rachel in February – you too?

Organising a photo library with Lightroom

Dreamy portraits of identical twins

Galina has translated the Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook into Russian!

21 Brilliant British People Problems (8 and 9 made me laugh out loud)

And finally, no results yet xo