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So my website was offline for 48 hours this week. 48 hours of pure unadulterated torture for me. I’ve had this space, in one way or another, for nearly nine years, and for it to not exist was almost more than I could bear. I mean, that’s sounds ridiculous, right? But this site is an extention of me. It’s my work in the world. It’s my safe place, my soap box, my confessional. Every time I clicked to see if the site was back up (my hosting company had big server issues) I’d get this ugly “this site does not exist” message and I swear, a little piece of my heart withered and died. So yeah, ridiculous, but hells bells, this place means the world to me.

I love you, little site. Please don’t ever leave me again.

In other news, I spotted this blossom on my walk home from the gym today. Oh happy day, spring might be on her way soon.

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And finally, registration for The Sacred Alone is still open — lots of people emailed when my site was down so thanks for bearing with me! We’re all systems go again :)