Something for the weekend

campervan |

6 superpowers that really exist

[video] Fostering Mindfulness – a free class with Davidji | From OM to OMG

800 pages of colour

The Art of Kissing (thank you, Elizabeth)

Cauliflower fritters + mint & pea spread | kale salad with strawberry-mint vinaigrette | almond-ella spread

All about prime lenses and focal lengths

These 3D paper spirals made me gasp | gorgeous giant paper flowers

Has your mother tongue been lost in translation? — thoughtfulness from Julie

Fictitious dishes

10 steps to awakening self-compassion

Happy weekend, loves! xo

7 responses
  1. Carolyn

    Aaaaaand, the paper spirals just made my brain explode.


  2. beth

    i love your “for the weekend” posts….just saying :)

  3. elle north

    I love collections of links from others. A tab is open for each one in my browser. Off I go, exploring. xo

  4. Laura babb

    Excellent links this week. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Marthe

    Those paper spirals! OMG!

  6. Alexis

    It’s tuesday and you haven’t written.
    I miss you already.

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