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Unravel Your Year 2017 : a free workbook on SusannahConway.com


If you ever meet me in the street I can guarantee I’ll have a journal with me. Writing stuff down has always been how I make sense of the world, ever since my 11-year-old self chronicled the passing of her guinea pig in her Bramley Hedge notebook. So it’ll come as no surprise that I love all the reflecting that goes on at this time of year and I especially love sharing my yearly workbook with the world!

It’s got a new name but I promise I haven’t altered too much in this 2017 edition. I like to compare my answers from year to year and as a creature of habit it feels extra cosy to sink into these familiar pages and reflect on the year that’s passing. The cover is full colour which will look fab if you’re getting it printed (I like Blurb’s economy magazine option) but to keep it printer-friendly I’m including a separate B&W cover you can colour in if you wish :-)


Unravel Your Year 2017


This year I’m also experimenting with a planner of sorts. The calendar’s been jazzed up and I’ve added some monthly reflections (loving these a lot!). You’ll also find blank daily and weekly pages at the back which you can use to create your own DIY planner. To be completely honest I have no idea how well this will work, but it’s something I’ve been hankering after for ages. There’s a good chance 2018’s workbook will be accompanied by a full-on planner…. Watch this space!

If you share your printed workbooks and planners on social media use the hashtag #unravelyouryear2017 so I can take a peek at the magic you’re making!

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Find Your Word 2017 :: the free 5-day course on SusannahConway.com


Find Your Word is also back by popular demand!

In the eight years I’ve been choosing a word for the year, my life has certainly changed for the better. Some of my previous words proved to be wildly empowering — BRAVE, EXPAND and OPEN were all dynamically useful words that helped me create change in my life. Other words have been less helpful: COMPASSION, for example, was a bit of a cop-out in 2011. Last year’s word was NOURISH and it was the most supportive and nourishing — pun intended — word I’ve chosen so far. This year I’ve danced with LOVE and now I look back I see it was exactly the word I needed to navigate all this year has thrown at me.

The more I do this practice the more I understand why it’s such a valuable thing to do each year. I also know that sometimes we need a hand uncovering our just-right word, so I created this sweet lil 5-day course to help you find YOUR word for 2017.

Head over to this page
to get started — it’s completely free, of course!






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  1. Stephanie

    Ah – I am SO excited about BOTH of these things!

  2. SweetMarie83

    Thank you, Susannah. <3

  3. Fingal

    Love this time of year, preparing for the next amazing period of our lives <3

  4. Anetti

    Love the “Unravel” time. Find it so good and useful. And thank for the Tipp with Blurb :)
    With you a nice magical Christmas time.

  5. Anetti

    Wish you I meant:)))))

  6. Jen

    Thank you so much for this – I look forward to it every year and I’ve been doing it since 2012. I print the workbook on card stock and take it to my local copy store to have it spiral bound with vinyl front and back covers. (Costs less than $5) This has provided me with a nice keepsake each year and I often go back and read what I wrote when I’m feeling a bit lost. I’m having a wee bit of a problem coming up with a word for this year … so looking forward to your Find Your Word course!

  7. Christine Rose Elle

    Thank you so much! xo

  8. Pam

    Thank you for this – and for your ‘find your word’ course!

  9. ben

    You are amazing <3

  10. stephey

    Thanks for this! Looking forward to the new year and making magic. Best to you!

  11. Chloe / One Infinite Life

    I’m so looking forward to diving into this workbook again this year. Thank you for creating it Susannah!


  12. Ellen

    This has become a yearly ritual for me Susannah. Thank you! (And trying to email you privately – but for some reason, I’m not able to get the workbook or find your word through my email – after looking in all of my folders). Hoping for an alternative? Thank you!!!!!

  13. Lorraine

    A huge thank you for your selfless sharing – I so look forward to unravelling my year as an annual event and this wouldn’t be possible without you!

  14. susannah

    just sent them to you! xx

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