Hello! I’m Susannah.

I’m a photographer, author and teacher. My first book, This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart (Skirt! Books), hit bookshelves in 2012, and I’ve also co-authored another, Instant Love: How to Make Magic & Memories with Polaroids (Chronicle Books). My next book for Chronicle, LONDONTOWN, will be published in the spring of 2016.

When I’m not taking photos I lead creative courses online that help you reconnect to your true self. I know from first-hand experience that creativity and mindfulness are incredible tools for personal empowerment and healing so I teach what I know, always sharing my heart in the process.

Qualificationly-speaking, I hold an HND in fine art photography and a first-class degree in journalism, and spent many years in the capital working as a fashion editor and freelance journalist. So that’s the boring career stuff out of the way.

So how did I get here?

My life, as I now know it, began in the spring of 2005 when the man I loved died very suddenly from a heart attack. Thirteen months into my bereavement I started writing a blog called Ink on my fingers – I had no idea that this small step back out into the world would end up changing my entire life. Blogging helped to reopen the door to my creativity, connecting me to other souls around the world as I shared my heart and found my way back to what was meaningful for me.

In 2006 I flew to Seattle, USA, to spend a week with friends I’d made through blogging — it was there my passion for photography was rekindled. Surrounded by so many new sights, my camera took me out of my grief and placed me squarely back in the present. It was a revelation, bringing me full circle to my years at art school when I lived & breathed photography — my camera has rarely been out of my hand since.


Tender beginnings

In 2008 I moved to a new city and was given the opportunity to teach a photography class at a local adult education centre. As they already had a technical class I decided to create something more meaningful drawing on everything I’d learned through my healing journey. I called that first class “Unravelling: Ways of Seeing Yourself” and was excited to share my ideas with the 10 brave women who’d signed up. As we shared tears and revelations week after week I knew I was onto something, so I followed my intuition and offered the class online — within just one week I had 100 women signed up. That was back in January 2009 and the rest, as they say, is history.

I now run four creative courses throughout the year sharing the tools and techniques that have brought such profound change into my life:

The Sacred Alone is a gentle yet meaningful journey back to the self using daily meditations and journalling

Blogging from the Heart teaches you how to express yourself creatively online and build community around your blog

Journal Your Life is for anyone who wants to dive deep into their journalling practice and heal their life in the process

Photo Meditations is all about creating images infused with soul using any camera — including smart phones

After running my original class (and first baby!) Unravelling for 18 glorious sessions she has now been retired as I create new courses and programs for 2015 and beyond…

Thousands of women from over 50 countries around the world have joined together to unravel and heal their lives, dive deeper into their photography practice and learn how to share their hearts online. It’s such an honour to be able to do this work.

About this site

The healing path is one that never ends and it’s my hope that by chronicling what I’ve learned I can help others reconnect to their own true selves, using creativity as the key to unlock the door. I share my thoughts and realisations on my blog, alongside the occasional confessional (from me) and interview (with others who inspire me). I try to be as honest as I can, revealing the light and dark of my life in the hope that it will encourage others to do the same. It’s by sharing our stories that we feel less alone.

I’m so glad you’re here. xo

[Portrait by Xanthe Berkeley]

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I love...

... black coffee made with freshly ground beans; white nectarines; wearing flip flops; inked skin; the poetry of Sharon Olds, Rumi, David Whyte and Carol Ann Duffy; the one magical week in spring when all the magnolia trees are in bloom.

... Londontown and New York City. Love them both with a ferocious passion.

... the smell of dark amber, sandalwood, bonfires, gardenia, rum, ripe figs, white sage, tuberose, hot sun-kissed skin and linden blossom.

... film. Digital cameras are awesome too, but film photography will always have my heart.

... typologies. I'm an INFP (the Idealist), an HSP and a 4 on the Enneagram (the Individualist).

... travel. I stood in the shadow of the pyramids in Egypt, fed giraffes in Kenya, got lost in the souks in Marrakesh, climbed the Dunn's River Falls in Jamaica, fell in love in Italy, signed a book deal in New York City, saw the Mona Lisa in Paris, picked apples in Canada, climbed a mountain in Slovenia and sunbathed nude in Portugal.

... my nephew. He lights up my entire world.


When is the next Journal Your Life / The Sacred Alone / Blogging from the Heart / Photo Meditations class enrolling?

You'll find the most up-to-date info on course registration dates over on THIS page.

The course fees are in British pounds - can I pay with dollars/euros?

Absolutely! You can make your payment with either a credit card or via Paypal -- both options will automatically convert currency for you when you check out. 97 pounds is approximately 160 dollars or 115 euros - it goes up and down a little bit depending on the current exchange rate which you can check via this online currency converter.

Can I interview you for my site?

I'm a one-man band so my days are full but if I have time I'd love to -- use the form above to get in touch and tell me all about it. If you need photos of me or my official bio check out the media page.

What cameras do you use?

My favourite cameras are my Polaroid 195 and Polaroid SX-70. I use my Fujifilm X100S and iPhone 5S (I heart Instagram) for daily snaps and my Canon 100D for digi stuff. I love my Hasselblad 500C/M, Diana Mini and Holga GFN for film fun.

Where can I buy a working vintage Polaroid camera?

Roger Garrell sells refurbished SX-70s on ebay and offers repairs and restoration services for SX-70s and 680/690 cameras. Talk to Cory at about a Polaroid 195 or 250.

How do you get your Polaroid photos onto your website? Where can I buy Polaroid film?

I scan my Polaroid shots with my V700 Epson scanner to create digital images I can upload to my blog. Everything I know about Polaroid cameras, film and scanning is in my free Polaroid Guide.

Can I feature one of your photos on my site?

Quite possibly! But please read my policies, usage & copyright page first - thank you.

I'm planning a trip to London -- where should I go?

I'm writing a post about this very topic -- coming soon!

Can I advertise my business/product/service on your blog? Can I sponsor a post? Do you accept guest posts?

No, I don't have advertising or sponsored posts on this site. And no, I don't run guest posts on the blog, either.