April Love 2016

Join us in April for a month of self-care and kindness with my (completely free) April Love 2016 challenge | SusannahConway.com


While the world and their dog celebrate romantic love in February, April Love is all about extending love and kindness to ourselves. In last year’s inaugural challenge we explored self-love and self-care so this year we’re taking another route.

Welcome to April Love: A Month of Love Letters!

For this year’s challenge I’ve put together a list of 30 prompts inviting you to write — or photograph or draw or collage — a love letter every day in April.

Each prompt starts with “Dear…” and all address various parts of our selves and our world. Every day in April has a different prompt and the idea is to write a daily letter in your journal —  or craft a poem or take a photograph or paint a picture or make a collage or write a blog post, etc — in response to the prompt. To practice love, kindness, honesty and probably a smidge of vulnerability, too. To find gratitude for what we have, where we’ve been and where we’re going.

Even though you’ll be offered a prompt every day there is no “homework” — meaning, don’t worry about trying to keep up! Do what you can when you feel inspired, cherry-pick the prompts you resonate with, leave the ones you don’t (or save ’em for another time!) and enjoy this month of community.

We’ll have a private Facebook group where we can gather and share and you can also sign up for inspirational daily emails — more on that below!

First, here are the prompts:


Join us in April for a month of self-care and kindness with my (completely free) April Love 2016 challenge | SusannahConway.com


This year’s April Love is definitely more of a personal voyage, one that I believe will weave some real magic when tackled privately in your journal. It’s also a wordy-er challenge than last year’s, though you can still use each prompt as photo inspiration, of course! However you tackle the love letters, it’s always special when we come together as a group, so here are a few ways we can gather as a community:

1. Join the Facebook group over here to share your letters (not compulsory!), photos and insights

2. Share your letters and photos on Instagram using the #AprilLove2016 hashtag

3. Add your blog to the blog roll (below) — again, it’s not compulsory to share your letters!


The daily emails

This year I’ve invited a fabulous group of women to inspire us with their own take on the prompts. Each day in April you’ll be emailed a quick suggestion on how to tackle that day’s letter along with a heart-felt example from one of the souls below. At the end of the challenge I plan to put all the letters together into a (free) ebook which I’ll send to you — it’ll be a lovely companion to last year’s April Love pdf.

Get ready to hear from me and Alisha Somer, Amy Palko, Andrea Schroeder, Bridget Luff, Caroline Donahue, Eli Trier, Elizabeth Duvivier, Jeanette LeBlanc, Jen Lemen, Jenn Lee, Julie Daley, Lianne Raymond, Liv Lane, Meghan Genge, Michelle Marie McGrath, Michelle McCartan, Mindy Tsonas, Rachel Cole, Randi Buckley, Ronna Detrick, Sandi Amorim, Sara Blackthorne, Tammy Strobel, Tanya Geisler and Vivienne McMaster.

To sign up simply enter your email address in the box below. You’ll then be sent an email with a confirmation link to click. Once you’ve clicked that you’ll be all set to get the emails when we begin on April 1st…

Hot tip: Signing up to the AL emails means you’ll also get access to the Inspiration Library where you can download last year’s April Love ebook :-)

[the 2016 challenge is now closed]

Finally, if you wish to add your blog to the blog roll scroll down to the last pic and hit “Click here to enter”

Note: Let’s use this blogroll to find new blogs to read and enjoy so please just add your blog link once (in other words, don’t add links to individual letter posts) — that way the list will stay manageable! :-D

Happy April Love, everyone! xo