April Love 2017



For the last two years the April Love photo challenge has been an invitation to explore self-love, self-care and self-compassion in a community setting. For 2017 I’m practicing my own self-care by going back to basics for this round. There are no emails and no pressure to keep up. No need to do anything other than get involved as much or as little as you want. Share your photos in the Facebook group, on Instagram or on your blog if you want to add some community to the mix, but it’s certainly not a requirement. I’ve created a list of photo prompts to be explored throughout the month, a mix of straightforward things-to-shoot and a few more thoughtful prompts, so if you’re not sure how to illustrate the latter try simply sharing a moment from your day. Use the challenge as a way to give yourself ten minutes to notice your surroundings and take a breath. Keep it simple. Enjoy digging into your world with your camera and maybe spend a bit of time in your journal, too. Or not! There really are no rules.



How to join in

Here are a few ways we can gather as a community:

1. Join the Facebook group over here to share your photos and insights

2. Share your photos on Instagram using the #AprilLove2017 hashtag

3. Add your blog to the blog roll below — scroll down to the last pic and hit “Add your link”

NB: Let’s use this blogroll to find new blogs to read and enjoy so please just add your blog link once (in other words, don’t add links to individual blog posts) — that way the list will stay manageable! :-D

Happy April Love, everyone! xo