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The (delicious) truth about getting older (free ebook!) |
Happy Valentine’s Day, lovelies!

When I asked everyone to share their positive stories about aging last week I had in the back of my mind that this might make a lovely ebook to share…. so we’ve made one :) Reading all the posts in one hit made my newly 41-year-old heart nearly burst — there’s so much collected wisdom here. So many truths I needed to hear myself, so much evidence of what we have to look forward to. If you’ve ever felt the wobbles about getting older (and we all get them at some point, non?) this lovely ebook really is the antidote.

You can download The (Delicious) Truth About Getting Older ebook right here — it’s completely free, of course!

I hope you find yourself (or your future self) somewhere in the pages xxx


Genius! The world’s shortest cooking show — on Instagram!

A better way to interpret the news: The Philosopher’s Mail

Top 10 unusual tiny homes

[video] The DIY Goop sweatshirt (thanks Elizabeth)

Sas is running a Pay What You Can offer on her fab Let It Go self-coaching journal (today only!)

This tote bag | smart phone remote | uninspirational quotes

With all the torential rain we’re getting in the UK right now I definitely need some Sunlight Pills (via SwissMiss)

[video] How cooking can change your life

Kale, pesto, chick pea and quinoa bowl | sweet potato hummus | chocolate coconut bites

And finally, Rachel’s inspired me with her new take on February… Pleasuary


This business card round-up is convincing me I need to make some new ones

[video] Jane Goodall on science and spirit (isn’t she amazing?)

What it is is beautiful

I want to host a party and invite Vardo Tarot along (more photos here)

[video] A gentle video to help others understand what depression is like for those of us who live with the black dog

This is 50 (thank you, Jen)

Easy miso soup | spicy pork and kale soup | big comfy sweet potato


What I wish I’d known when I started my business

How to cure self-consciousness — wisdom from Martha

I’d buy one for Noah but probably end up keeping it, let’s be honest

Pssst. Did you spot the new thing in the sidebar over there? I’ll be revealing all next week :) xo

buttons |

Type “do a barrel roll” into Google and see what happens… then type in “zerg rush” – more Google tricks (via Angie) + useful things

Awkward dating card | love necklace

4 tips for smelling new perfumes

[video] The taste gap

Sexy naked women everywhere — thoughtfulness from Kate | Nudite from Garance

[video] What defines you? from the incredible Lizzie Velasquez

Snow patterns

Mapping emotions on the body = love wins

10 stories that prove that Bill Murray is the most interesting man in the world

How Sarah stays happy and productive

And finally, Blogging from the Heart starts on Monday! There’s still time to join us if you’re ready to find your heart-centred voice online x

Natural History Museum |

[video] An evening with the delightful Ray Bradbury <— watch all of this, it’s so lovely

Much loved teddies (I still have my most beloved toy, Fluffy: a black cat my mum knitted when she was pregnant with me)

Vegan superfood hot chocolate | coconut black rice pudding | beet salad with lemon tahini

Two mindfulness apps I’m enjoying lately: Buddify | Omvana

Loving these desktop wallpapers

[video] Compilation of Wes Anderson’s slow motion shots (the train is my fave) | buying art for Steve Zissou

Color//colour with Xanthe & Andrea

How to create curvy text in Photoshop

Her world looks so dreamy

[video] I don’t know anything about this, but doesn’t it look great?

Happy weekend, loves! xo

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