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“There is no human experience that we have alone. It’s up to each of us to tear down the chambers of isolation that comparison and fear build.” — a beautiful post from Rachel

One: In favour of manly men from a girly girl

Two: Men aren’t supposed to understand women (thanks Helen)

The family

[video] The creative process of an Oscar-winning screenwriter

Supermarket sisterhood — wisdom from Hollie

[video] Meryl Streep on beauty

Loving the Curvy Yoga podcast

How to live a perfect life in three easy steps — I heart Karen


Happy weekend, loves! xo

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I can’t stop making these. Rather than making them up, it’s more like excavating the messages that are already there.

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A publisher’s postbag — in pictures

I’d buy one of these in seconds if they did a UK version | the perfect little planter

How to find “The One” — much needed wisdom from Kim

Heirloom tomato salad | roasted garlic kale hummus | peanut butter banana bonbons

Loving: The Sacred Podcast

[video] In which I demonstrate how to cry when meditating — I found this video from Susan incredibly honest and beautiful

These tarot cards are SO geeky…. but I still want them

Michelangelo’s handwritten grocery list | Mrs Warhol’s handwriting

“I think I no how to make people or animals alive”

My dream home

Happy 4th to all you American lovelies, and happy Friday to the rest of us :) xo

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Should you check your email?

Swooning over these photographs | I love how she sees the world

Sugru Lego hack | meet Sugru’s inspiring and frankly awesome founder

Kale & potato breakfast hash | roasted vegetable teryaki bowl | mint coconut batida cocktail

I had fun chatting with Kate about soulful biz this week

Making me happy: one | two | three | four

[video] “I know it’s about love & ‘blah’ but…”

Check out Lumosity

Women, please stop shaming men — thoughts from Lissa

And finally, the summer session of Blogging from the Heart starts on Monday! If you’re feeling the call to start sharing your heart online I hope you’ll join us :)

Happy weekend, loves! xo

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