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Miracle sunset |

Can you imagine owning your own photobooth?

lol my thesis

The time travelling photographer (thanks, Helen)

27 things to leave behind in 2014

Meditation transforms roughest SF schools | David Lynch on using meditation as an anchor of creativity & integrity

This is rather cute

Kale + brussels sprouts salad | Immunity soup | quinoa kale pomegranate salad

The great Brooklyn house snooping of 1978

40 years of people on the Tube | vintage photos from Stars Wars set

[video] Interview with a two-year-old

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Why I love Emma Thmpson

[video] What is nothing?

Quinoa veggie “fried rice” | spicy squash salad | coconut vanilla cubes

I need this bag

The sacred art of listening — wisdom from Tara

10 unexpected ways to meditate every dayHow to meditate without moving to the Himalayas

The necessity of emotion

Loving Mati’s custom word of the year paintings

[video] The cabin made of windows

And finally, Simpsons Lego!

camera essentials |

Above: gathering tools for my new book! More on that very soon…

[video] Happy birthday, Patti Smith

Beach trash – I love that she collects it, and I love that she photographs it

Austin’s reading year | Daily Rituals

The secret to developing a regular writing habit

Breakfast with a side of chocolate | the winter abundance bowl | beef stew with pomegranate roasted carrots

2013 type favourites

So many amazing sketchbooks to peek into… YUM

Love Mav’s slow it down list

Let’s all do Moorea’s 52 Lists Project

And finally, Journal Your Life starts on Monday! Got a big stash of blank notebooks and don’t know what to do with them? Does journalling speak to your soul but you’re not sure how to start (or more likely: keep going?) Need a community of like-minded peeps to start the year off right? JOIN US!

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Hello loves, how was your Christmas break? I’m back home and missing my little blondie bear something fierce. It was the first time he’s really understood the ramifications of wish lists and Father Christmas, so it was heart-melting to see him excitedly opening the presents the big FC left by the fireplace. These are the moments we live for, eh?

Only a few links this week…

Shakshouka | 8 kale salad recipes | miso tahini soup

Sit on a small wooden bench with yourself

How to write

Don’t make smalltalk about my daughter’s appearance

‘Be all your selves’ — Joss Whedon’s commencement address

Sensitivity is beautiful

Something small, every day

And now I want to be an action figure too :)

Space Christmas. from Susannah Conway on 8tracks Radio.

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