Something for the weekend

“So you would never order it?” Mr. King asked. “Never,” she responded. “I would pick it out if I saw it and throw it on the floor.” — me too, Julia. It tastes like detergent. [Read the comments too! They’ve been making me chuckle, especially this one (which I could have written myself): “It’s interesting that we cilantro haters have such a violent emotional reaction to it. I know lots of people who have food aversions–I have other things I don’t care for myself–but cilantro seems to make us all come unglued. It’s not just “Ugh, tomato.” It’s a toddler-like “Get this horrible, offensive thing away from me, oh God I hate it so, you have ruined my entire life by serving it to me!” ]

Something else making me giggle: all the fledgling ‘tashes being sported by men around the city for Movember. At least I think most of them are for Movember ;-) Natural beard conditioner | ‘tashe rubber stamps | Sgt Pepper wooden spoon set | mustache wax

[video] 4 questions to get 2013 off to a roaring start (I love Pam)

Enchanted by Susanna Bauer’s leaves

What would be on your ideal bookshelf?

[video] Steven Pressfield interviewed by Marie Forleo on turning pro

My 12 sustainable fashion commandments, from Annching

Women of a rockin’ age

How to make your decision the “right decision” – wisdom from Sarah

Beetroot hash | wholewheat persimmon ricotta scones | what to eat in November

11 things to do if you don’t want plastic soup for oceans

A ‘wooden’ camera

Britain vs America in minimalist vintage infographics – fascinating!

For the smalls:  How to make invisible ink  (via my sister)

[audio] Deepak Chopra’s free 21-day Meditation Challenge: Creating Abundance — the audios are archived for 10 days so you can still hear them (as the challenge started on Nov 5th the first couple are missing)

Happy weekend, everyone!

Something for the weekend

Loving everything about photographer Debi Treloar’s home

December soul nourishment from Rachel and Hannah

New mantra: it’s either a hell yeah! or a no.

In case you need it: the emergency compliment

(spiked) maple apple cider | the greenest salad | roasted butternut penne with pistachio pesto

Had fun at Holly’s book launch at Anthropologie earlier this week. Lots of inspiration for this house mover in her new book, Decorate Workshop. So fun chatting with Tracey, Micela, Rhiannon and Ingrid, too — hey ladies!

Instagram launches new web profiles for users — here’s mine :)

The magic button (via Sas)

The Talks

3 tips to attract abundance | Danielle’s grooving prosperity

[video] Portrait: a documentary about a popular Instagrammer and a pro photographer

London in bus stops | vintage Covent Garden

“I am exactly where I am supposed to be, which is fine with where I am.” :: wisdom from Colleen

The Frida Kahlo costume is killing me!

Happy weekend, everyone xo

Something for the weekend

Heads up! Chronicle Books (who published our Polaroid book) are putting together a book of Instagram photographs and have put out the call for submissions — go submit your favourite shots!

Speaking of… Jen & Amanda are running the Instant Love Polaroid retreat in Marrakesh again in February – only a few places left

[audio] Jen Louden in conversation with poet Mark Nepo

Words, no pictures: wisdom from Jo

From Sarah: I love food, hate waste: how to eat your scraps | Which fats should we be eating?

12 things successful people do differently

Loving this cute photo album for Instax mini shots (via Lyndsay, who had one in my Squam class last week)

[video] The 20 most-watched TEDx talks so far

Pretty things for your blog over at The Ink Nest

‘Happy 12th birthday. I’m going to teach you how to do your own laundry now.  That’s that.’ – Joy’s mother is awesome

‘It’s the lemon zest of your freakin’ soul

100 ideas that changed photography

[video] Enchanted by this song

Happy weekend, everybody!

Something for the weekend


The tyranny of needing to be liked: wisdom from Pam

[video] Return to the Sea: Saltworks by Motoi Yamamoto

Loving everything in Erica Tanov’s home | ditto Tara & Percy’s home

Margaret Atwood’s 10 rules for writing

[video] Seth Godin on books, business, choices & life

My friends inspire me: Sas is stepping into her bigness and Marisa’s first book is about to be released into the world!

20 scrumptious pumpkin recipes | rose petal jam | autumn breakfast porridge

One for the Mac lovers among us: Leo’s essential mac setup

Studio visits with west coast artists

I finally succumbed and started watching Downton Abbey, which, of course, i love! So now planning Polaroid expedition to Highclere Castle | love these photos | Uptown Downstairs Abbey Parts one & two

Why the pursuit of your dream is your sacred obligation: wisdom from Justine

[video] No place like home

“Instead of flipping out over the possibility of dying in some fiery comet (or other fantastical ending) why not just LIVE WELL?” Abso-bloody-lutely. Smartness from Theresa (via Fabeku)

This really made me smile: Americans are barmy over Britishisms (we’ve adopted lots of Americanisms, too, you know ;-)

I’ve had a few lucid dreams — an amazing experience!

Happy weekend, everybody! xo