Something for the weekend

Lessons learned from writing love letters to strangers

Loving Project Wild Thing (via Jo)

Downloaded: Sourced Cities on my iPad

When why-ning works

Your Instagram horoscope

How to make a vision board 1 | How to make a vision board 2 (via Cheryl)

have you seen Jen’s gorgeous jewellery emporium?

You know I backed this: the Impossible Instant Lab!

How to run your own race

Pumpkin spice creme brulee | coffee: a chemex method | Nutella, brown butter & sea salt cookies

Okay that’s it: I want to move to Iceland

Currently reading: this | this | this

Six steps to making friends after college

50+ better questions to ask than how to be more productive

Happy weekend, everybody!

Something for the weekend

Building the Statue of Liberty in Paris

Addicted to incense from here, especially White Sage and Douglas Fir (UK peeps: i bought mine from Toast)

[video] Shawn Achor on the Happiness Advantage

The world’s simplest meditation

Sesame banana bread | sugar-free granola | fish soup with kale

Life lessons from a 40th birthday (I adore Justine. And I turn 40 in February — eep!)

“You must not fear, hold back, count or be a miser with your thoughts and feelings. It is also true that creation comes from an overflow, so you have to learn to intake, to imbibe, to nourish yourself and not be afraid of fullness. The fullness is like a tidal wave which then carries you, sweeps you into experience and into writing.” Anais Nin, via Brain Pickings

The extreme importance of letting yourself be occasionally ugly

The new economics of photojournalism: the rise of Instagram

The very lovely Paul Jarvis shares what he used to self-publish his book

The internet map (via Swiss Miss)

Loving Angie’s beautifully subtle Photoshop actions (and they’re free!)

[video] Mad Men perform Rick Astley (this is genius — thank you, Sas)

[video] This also REALLY made me laugh :)

Have a great weekend, everybody! xo

Something for the weekend

Are you hanging by a thread?

The Instagram Socialmatic camera could be a reality!

[video] celebrities read mean tweets

I’ve been really inspired by Sarah Wilson’s travels through Europe recently. She’s single, she’s successful and she seems to really have her head screwed on right. I like her a lot. Finding your life aesthetic.

Sandra Juto’s epic guide to Berlin

Dairy-free lemon creme with oat thyme crumble | summer stuffed patty pans

I’ve heard/read Danielle talk about this before, but it’s worth a reread: What is your purpose for money?

Loving Tiffany’s Big Questions… think i might have to blog my answers, too

My mistake with a vampire

I find synesthesia so fascinating

[video] Impressive self portrait-a-day video

5 lessons learned from a toddler

How to make product collages for your blog

[video] The universe in a nutshell (i LOVE Brain Pickings, which is why I probably link to it each week :)

Happy weekend, everybody! xo

Something for the weekend

In defense of single people

The conditions of unconditional love

Now I’ve been to the top of the Rock, I want to see this documentary

Famous authors share their wisdom about writing (though it’s a shame there aren’t more women represented!)

Loving Lisa Congdon’s new (and first!) font

Huge congrats to Beth and her team for the new Moyo online magazine

Quinoa salad with lemon-tahini dressing | green gazpacho

Randi’s ‘Maybe Baby’ conversations are so valuable to those of us who are unsure: “Any leap requires faith.  Faith is trusting that your desires, after having crossed that bridge, will be what you want and need when you are there.  The thing is, you can’t fully know this until you’re there.  Hence: faith.”

Helen Jane’s Solutions for a Painful Internet

This was the soundtrack in my head on the book tour ;-)

Anais Nin on the poetics of New York

The role of intuition in the art of creative badassery

8 reasons why it is not possible to fail

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody! xo