Finding our creative joy

When Jen, Marianne and I started talking about doing a retreat together, we knew we wanted JOY infused through everything: through the days, the workshops, through our connections with participants and each other, through it all. We wanted to create a space where JOY could be found. The further we dug, the more it became apparent that this JOY comes from our creativity. So obvious, really. It comes from writing, and photographing, and singing, and moving our bodies, and breathing through silence. It’s found in paint and pencil, in ink and the keyboard. It lives in the books we make and the ones we read. It can be stitched and knitted and moulded and cooked.

Creative joy seems to show up easiest when we let ourselves get lost in play. When we drop our expectations and let ourselves experiment and explore. I watch my nephew do this when he’s enjoying how water pours and sand crumbles and Play Doh squishes. I feel it too when I’m someplace new with my camera in my hands. When I forget about how I got there and just sink into what I SEE.

My creative joy comes from my imagination.
The excitement of the new.
Vintage cameras.
The realisation that there are so many things in the world to be photographed, so many moments to record, so many places to explore.
A two-year-old boy called Noah.
My eyes — the art and practice of SEEING.
Emotions, and allowing myself to feel them.
Being truthful about how I feel.
Wanting to get it down on the page.
Books, piles and piles of books.
Blogging and the community it builds.
My women friends.
How my sister and I inspire the best in each other.
Being an aunt.
Being alive.

Where do you find your creative joy?

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In fact, I made two. If at any point this weekend you feel discouraged, down or plain bummed out, plug this mix in (download the 8 Tracks app) and go for a fast 20 minute walk. I’ve been doing this every morning and it makes my legs ache, my pulse race and my heart so much lighter. Try it.

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And finally, the spring session of Unravelling has sold out, but if you’d like to join me for an adventure in photography this April, there are still a few places left for Photo Meditations. xo