Something for the weekend

Went into Topshop yesterday, something i haven’t done in a long time, and it was like stepping back into my 80s teenage. Pleased to report that the jewellery is still rad. (Ring from Topshop; bracelets from Adesso and Wright & Teague)

[video] Loved Brene Brown’s new TED talk on shame — a must-watch

40 secret iPhone features & shortcuts

Loving these minimalist LEGO ads (via Hanne)

Incredible impermanent sand paintings

[video] This is epic: Flight of the Frenchies

The 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world (via Helen)

Can’t stop listening to: this song | this song | this song | this song here’s a mixtape:

I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen. from Photobird on 8tracks.

(and omfg this!)

Why the world needs introverts

I have very few crafty skillz and zero desire to learn how to knit, but once in a while a project catches my eye and I think I could make that for Noah

Photograph of the week

How to find your purpose and do what you love

Apologies for the vanity, but this might be my most fave photo of me ever

And finally, adoring everything by Katie Turner, including her Boyfriend Criteria illo: — no. 7 pretty much sums it up, really:

Something for the weekend

Man, even the trailer made me cry #hormones

She’s sold 800 million books (also: six tips on writing from John Steinbeck)

The ten, make that nine, habits of very organized people. Make that ten.

Loving these iPad sleeves

100 best first lines from novels (via Heidi)

[video] Imagination should be the center of your life.

Loving Andrea’s fifty suns

Important: Twitter’s tales of sexism (and the site she made)

How to find the original source of an image on Pinterest

Currently have a huge crush on Ben Howard

This will be me when I’m 80. FACT.

The mathematical impossiblity of universal delight

Have you seen Taproot magazine?

[video] The Power of Introverts

New to me, but not her thousands of fans:

And finally, it’s all happening tomorrow! xo

Something for the weekend

Love these clever venn diagrams

Wise words from Liz: Are you leaving enough space for your life in your work?

The sandwich artist

[video] so lovely: The Violin maker

A grapefruit olive oil cake for a winter’s day

Notebook of awesome

Nom! Sweet potato & quinoa salad (also: coffee bacon sandwiches)

The most insane letter ever written by a child to a TV weather man (via Sas)

All Starbucks should look like this

My designer Jo is running her fabulous course again! She really knows her stuff

Epic! 1550 chairs stacked between buildings (also: this)

Difference is just a part of normal

And finally, thank you so much for all your comments, tweets and emails about the book! I need to start thinking about doing some author-y promo-y stuff soon, but for now, i’m just so excited that you’re excited, you know? Means the world to me. Thank you xx

Something for the weekend

I’ve been dreaming up fun things to do for my book signings so i had a stamp made and it arrived yesterday. Kozue on Etsy has done such an amazing job! My idea was this: if you meet me in person and I sign your book I’ll put a stamp in it too, to make it a bit special :)

LOVE this! Famous photgraphers pose with their iconic images

Beautiful abstract Polaroids (via jen)

The washi tape expo

[video] Brian Cox is my new pin-up: why everything is connected to everything else

My sister and I are obsessed with this for Noah

Love the story behind this jewellery company

Sip & snack

This is epic: the scale of the universe

Could he BE any sexier?!

50 ways to say ‘you’re awesome’

Marianne’s book, Zen Under Fire, is now OUT IN THE WORLD! We first met when she was working in Afghanistan and came to the UK for a few days of down time…. and look where she is now. I am so so proud of my friend!

[video] Mary Ellen Mark shares her thoughts on capturing iconic images (also: looking foward to this book)

And finally, the winner of Wednesday’s poetry giveaway is Cecilia! Email coming your way soon, love x