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6 superpowers that really exist

[video] Fostering Mindfulness – a free class with Davidji | From OM to OMG

800 pages of colour

The Art of Kissing (thank you, Elizabeth)

Cauliflower fritters + mint & pea spread | kale salad with strawberry-mint vinaigrette | almond-ella spread

All about prime lenses and focal lengths

These 3D paper spirals made me gasp | gorgeous giant paper flowers

Has your mother tongue been lost in translation? — thoughtfulness from Julie

Fictitious dishes

10 steps to awakening self-compassion

Happy weekend, loves! xo

Buskers |
Tiny zen masters

Letters of Note: It will be sunny one day | Don’t expect me to be sane anymore

I’ve been enjoying the calm of Noisli

Cacao + protein boost balls | bright spring green salad | lamb meatballs with feta and lemon

[video] The Life of Oliver Jeffers | cool stuff for kids to do

Finally revamped my testimonials page — only took about four years. Oh, and I now have an ‘as seen in’ thingy in my sidebar. I know, right? My attempts to appear professional continue ;-)

Had a few ahas listening to this: Embodiment and spiritual sensitivity

Dogs in photobooths

A Reader-First Internet — smarts, as always, from Mr Jarvis

[video] This is AWESOME — Face-o-mat travels the world

Need: these soaps | this stick-up calender

And finally, The Sacred Alone starts on Monday. For 14 days we practice the art of mindfully being with ourselves for 20 minutes a day. Twenty minutes to savour our morning coffee while reading an inspiring essay. Twenty minutes to close our eyes and sit in stillness before journaling our thoughts and dreams. Twenty minutes to check in with ourselves before we head off to work — or twenty minutes to close out the day, gently bringing our attention back to our bodies.

Even if you’ve never meditated before you’ll find the audios calming, gentle and surprisingly powerful. Plus I guide you through each meditation making it so much easier to keep your focus — they’re like five-minute soul boosters. Click over here to try the Lake Visualisation to get a taste of what I mean :)

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Can’t wait to watch this documentary

It took me all of a second to decide to buy these notebooks

Crunchy cashew quinoa | asparagus and avocado spring rolls with citrus dipping sauce | breakfast potato bowl

Finding the edges in creativity + life

The real story of Dr Bronner and his magic soap (I swear by this stuff)

Love hanging out in the Meditation Lodge

The sky is NOT falling, even though it feels that way — Chris explains why April is feeling so nuts

Was honoured to featured on the Mindful in May blog this week

[video] Oprah chats to Thich Nhat Hanh

Bit obsessed with succulents at the moment

And completely obsessed with Hollie Chastain’s amazing work

Happy weekend, loves! xo


A manifesto for introverts | I’m sharing some thoughts on introversion with Tamisha this week

Patti Smith on writing poetry (via Theresa)

[video] The second best video i will ever share with you — made me laugh and cry simultaneously

Famous rejection letters

Quinoa, goats cheese + roast vegetables frittata | grilled nectarine panzanella | leek + spinach frittata

[video] The quality that changes everything — love this from Susan

Speaking of… I’ve signed up to the Mindful in May meditation challenge – join us?

Gloria Steinem: This is what 80 looks like

The key to happier breakfasts

[video] And finally, this is utterly mesmerising

Happy long/Easter weekend, loves! xo

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