Hello 2012

I went to bed last night with a knot of excitement in my stomach. I’d had one of the most mindful New Year’s Eves in recent memory — after a decade of partying with a boyfriend who liked to do something major on NYE, I’ve come to appreciate the quieter celebrations of a decadent home-cooked dinner, a candle-lit bath to wash the old year away and freshly-laundered sheets on the bed. Candles were lit and intentions were journalled and then read aloud at midnight. It was pretty powerful stuff. So I guess it was inevitable I’d wake up with an expectation hangover — waking to a grey rainy morning after some surprisingly bad dreams.

But then I met Noah and his parents for our now customary New Year lunch in town, and returned home with a smile on my face, my perspective restored. After talking through some of my plans with my sister I remembered I’m playing the long game this year. I want to cultivate patience and take things at a steady pace rather than my usual race-panic-disappointment. So this evening, as I fill out the last pages of my workbook, I’m viewing the new year as a blank canvas, one that’s ready to be filled with the shapes and colours of my choosing.

Because I really do believe that everything is possible this year.

So with that in mind I’ve made some new desktop wallpaper* for my laptop — I thought you might like it too…

Small: 1024×768
Medium: 1280×1024
Large: 1600×1200
Extra wide: 1920×1200

* The images are for your personal use only and I retain the copyright, etc etc :)

Something for the (Christmas!) weekend

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And finally, I wish you all a sparkling merry Christmas and a weekend full of delights! I’ll be back here next week with evidence of my nephew’s costume… IF we can get it on him :) Lots of love to you all! xxxx

Something for the weekend

My book is being sent to the printers today. IT’S REALLY HAPPENING! I still can’t believe it :)

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And finally, the beautiful new-look Squam website launched yesterday and i’m excited to reveal that I’ll be teaching at Squam by the Sea next October!

Something for the weekend

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Volume 2 of Kinfolk comes out on Monday!

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And finally, the January Photo Meditations class has now sold out but there are a few spots left in the Unravelling class, so if you’d like to start the new year with me and a community of like-minded women, come join us! :)