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How to easily eat a pomegranate

Some Etsy faves: this jar | this cosy | this print | this calendar

[video] Josey builds a bakery

Sweet potato & quinoa burgers | a kick in the pants | this salad

Artists’ studios

Real life Instagram | love this guy’s imagination (thanks Rach)

Ann Lamott always keeps it real

Mini tree advent calendar

Loving this shop’s exterior

What kids are really thankful for

If you know your Myers Briggs type (I’m INFP) then check your Downton Abbey personality type!

And finally, I’ve got something extra special for you on Monday…. ;-)

Bath window |
[video] Watch this right now and feel 100% better about getting older. (I used to see Jean around Bath all the time when I lived there and always wanted to ask to take her Polaroid portrait. Love knowing more about her story! Thanks for the link, Rachel)

The art of becoming beautiful

This broke me open: Laurie Anderson’s farewell to Lou Reed

Fig whisky sour | shaved brussel sprout slaw | sweet potato salad

My skin is currently loving One Love Organics

Carole A Feuerman’s amazing sculptures | watch this video, too

The Art of Getting Started

I really want to do this: The Magic of Myth

What makes a jump shot even better?

Why creative people sometimes make no sense

[video] Found this so inspiring in so many ways

Happy weekend, loves!

[Polaroid from This I Know]


The story behind Dorothea Lange’s most iconic photograph

Self employment: three things I wish someone had told me — oh how I relate, Susan!

If I ever get married I’m booking Phil Chester to shoot it

The Sabbath of Insecurity

Friends offering fabulous things: Sas’s retreat | Rachel’s wisdom | Liv’s inspiration | Amy’s blooming

[video] This is water

Become a Simpsons character for a fiver (via Leonie)

I had a fanTAStic tarot reading with Theresa this week — highly recommended

How to love a girl who writes

The universe’s plans for you

Happy weekend, loves! xo

Brighton bike
[video] The history of typography

Exploring the work of David Deida this week — highly recommend my single sisters watch this series of videos

Loving these keytags

It’s every man for him or herself

Granny, life and breaking open — powerful words from Tara

The plant whisperer

Once again I wish I had synaesthesia

[video] The hidden meaning in kids’ movies (thank you, Helen)

Check out the Max Wanger wallpaper especially

And finally, the autumn sessions of both Blogging from the Heart AND Photo Meditations start on Monday — there’s still time to join us!

Happy weekend, loves xo

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