Something for the weekend

the pink door |
Can’t wait to receive my new notebooks

These paintings | this board | this magazine

Zandra Rhodes in her studio

Honoured to be contributing to this inspiring class next month!

8 crucial thoughts to ponder as you keep your altar

Sweet & sour green juice | flourless chocolate date cake | fritatta muffins!

The final obstacle is us

Really enjoyed chatting about photography, creativity & healing for the Pure Green Podcast

Madonna, Annie Lennox and “acting your age”

And finally, 23 things only people who love spending time alone will understand

Happy weekend, loves! xo

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Something for the weekend

[video] Maira Kalman: My Favorite Things

Winter beauty balm

So. You wanna lose weight. — loved this from Sara

The trouble with men (it’s not what you think)

If I ever get married, I want Penny & Cam to film it

[video] We Quit Sugar (watch all of them — I’m still laughing)

Miso avocado salad | GF oatmeal cookies | lemon & garlic pan-seared salmon

On never wanting to be pregnant — thanks for this, Jessica

10 podcasts to help your business thrive

And finally, all the feelings it is possible to feel, indexed

Happy weekend, loves! xo

Something for the weekend
What should you do when people underestimate you? Eat them for lunch.

The difference between Lena Dunham and Aziz Ansari’s million-dollar book deals

Such ingenuity and sweetness

Adored this post from Andrea

[listen] Mary Oliver reading her poems

Wondering how to credit images on a blog? — thank you Kyla (images credited as “Pinterest” drive me nuts! Always credit the person who took the photograph)

Stalking on Instagram: NASA | Tyler Knott Gregson | A quiet style

17 times your love of books was officially out of control

How to know you’re on the right spiritual path

[watch] So simple, so clever

Happy weekend, loves! xo

Something for the weekend

Beach huts |

36 questions designed to speed up intimacy between strangers

Don’t let this happen

The art of memoir

Why women should be in charge of the world

Gluten-free banana bread | honey & vanilla cake | pea and spinach pesto pasta

Cosmic music, man | The universe in a nutshell

Treat yo self: this T-shirt | this brooch | this candle

Women can be minimalists too + let go of these 10 items to jumpstart decluttering

Why we need mindfulness in schools (thank you Liv)

In defense of Athena and the women who love her

And finally, Frances McDormand on aging

Happy weekend, loves! xo