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Here it is! The Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook, calendar + a free course to help you find your word for 2015! |
This is definitely my favourite time of year. Not because it’s Christmas, though that is lovelier than ever now my nephew is here. No, it’s because I get to make you guys presents. I’ve been getting lots emails asking if I was making the workbook this year and it makes my heart so happy to know it’s making a difference — I love this little yearly tradition we’ve got going on! So without further ado, here is this year’s Unravelling the Year Ahead 2015:

Download the workbook HERE | download the 2015 calendar HERE

Here it is! The Unravelling the Year Ahead workbook, calendar + a free course to help you find your word for 2015! |
I haven’t tinkered with the format too much this year because I really like being able to compare my answers to last year’s. There’s something about the continuity that helps me see how my dreams are changing and growing. I’ve added a couple of new pages, just to keep things fresh, and of course we have a beautiful new design (thank you, Jo! Go check out her gorgeous leggings!) AND there’s something else you might want to check out…

Find your word for 2015! |
For the last five years of sharing the workbook I’ve asked you to choose a word to be your guiding light for the coming year. I usually start considering what my word might be when autumn rolls around but this year has been different. I’ve been so caught up in my book deadline I haven’t spent as much time with my usual word-finding practices and I find myself here in December unsure of what my word will be. And because I know some of you might be feeling the same I decided it was about time we had a way to divine our words together!

Introducing Find Your Word, a FREE 5-day email class to help you figure out your word for 2015.

It’ll be simple, useful, creative and meaningful (of course ;-) Read more and sign up over here!

Enjoy! xo

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Happy weekend, loves! xo

My beauty essentials |

I’ve been “into” beauty products ever since I mixed together oatmeal and yoghurt on the recommendation of Victoria Principal in a magazine article sometime in the 80s. I PORED over that article and tried all her tips (there were probably cucumber slices on my eyelids at some point). Cleanse, tone and moisturise was my mantra, and I guess it’s served me well as my skin is in pretty good nick, all things considered.

I got burned so often in my teenage I’ve spent the rest of my life covered in sunblock, something that has definitely contributed to my lack of wrinkles. However, my 40s have brought dryer skin and eye bags with them, and gone are the days when I wake up fresh faced. It bothers me occasionally, but mostly I am just grateful to be on this side of my healing work. I’ll take 40s wisdom and eye bags over my 20s youthful cluelessness any day!

I love it when bloggers do posts like this, so here, for your information and entertainment, is mine :)


These days I am loyal to a handful of products that suit my combination skin. In the morning I wash my face with One Love’s Brand New Day, a powder you mix with water to make an exfoliating paste that’s gentle enough to use every day. Game changing shiz, this stuff. I then moisturise with either Origins VitaZing moisturiser (SPF15 with a slight tint) or Origins Plantscription moisturiser (SPF25). I also use a dab of Origins GinZing eye cream. If I’m out shooting photos all day I wear Clinique’s sun cream on all exposed bits.

In the evening I remove my eye make up with Simple’s Eye Makeup Remover. I then wash my face with Origins Checks & Balances face wash (doesn’t leave any residue) and moisturise with either Origins Make a Difference Night cream or One Love’s Love Springs Eternal serum.

I keep a lipbalm with me in every bag and pocket (Pitta balm is the best), and when I’m at my desk I spritz my face with John Masters Organics Lavender Hydrating Mist. I’m also obsessed with my new humidifier — it’s making such a difference to my eyes now the central heating is on all day. Staring at my laptop all day doesn’t help.

And it’s true what they say — nothing beats a good nights’ sleep and lots of water. Meditation helps, too.


I love Kiehl’s Creme de Corps and am obsessed with Diptyque’s Fresh Lotion for the Body, with frequent guest appearances from Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto body lotion and Kai’s Body Glow. These days I only wash with Dr Bronner’s Lavender liquid soap (using unscented for new tattoos of which there seem to be many lately). Ren’s Guerande Salt body balm exfoliates my legs before shaving (I use a bit of hair conditioner as shaving cream – works a treat).


I have quick-to-tangle fine hair and spent most of teenage sporting one dreadful perm after another. At some point in my 30s I decided to accept the fact that I will never have thick voluminous locks, so I make the best of it with occasional highlights, a decent cut and lots of volumising spray — my hair particularly likes Aveda’s Pure Abundance Style Prep. I use Aveda’s Invati exfoliating shampoo and L’Occitane’s Repairing conditioner. Huge fan of John Masters Organics Sea Mist spray. L’Oreal Elnett Satin hairspray all the way, obviously. My Body Shop hair brush has lasted years, though I only brush my hair before getting in the shower. Their comb is great for detangling.

My beauty essentials |

My make-up routine is very simple as I’m not really interested in make-up as such, though obviously I appreciate its make-me-look-more-alive benefits. I don’t wear foundation but use a few dabs of Estee Lauder’s Double Wear concealer under my eyes. I LOVE Origins Pinch Your Cheeks blusher — instantly makes you look healthier. Clinique’s Glossy black mascara has been my friend for years, as has the Body Shop’s liquid eyeliner in black or brown. I buy their lip liner in beech by the handful, and finish off with Clinique’s Chubby Stick in Graped-up or Chantecaille’s Hydra Chic Lipstick. Done and done and takes less than five minutes.

I can’t stand the sensation of nail varnish on my fingernails but like to wear it on my toenails — Essie and Kure Bazaar are favourite brands. Oh, and I swear by my Tweezerman tweezers.


Ahhh, one of my favourite topics. I am completely and certifiably addicted to scent and “use” it to enhance my mood and boost my creativity. I dab and spray and spritz all day, as friends can testify, and always have a little bottle or two of something with me. At the last count I own 150+ fragrances and perfume oils — some are big name brands but the majority are from small perfumers and indie labels I’ve discovered over the years. I love spicy woodsy scents, with the occasional burst of big white flowers like tuberose and gardenia. I love fragrances that aren’t too sweet, but then I’ll find something so sweet I get obsessed with it. And I can’t resist dirty sexy scents that smell like hot skin, mmm. There’s no real rhyme or reason to the scents I like — I just know when they feel right to me. Usually that means layering different oils together to create the right blend. It truly is my passion and my pleasure. #HSPbenefits

My beauty essentials |
Some favourites for you to explore:

Sweet Anthem (I adore Meredith and interviewed her for the Exploring the Senses ebook) – current faves are Poppy, Fox, Lolita and Ulalume
Diptyque – Tam Dao, Vetyverio and Volutes
Pacifica –  have lots but Tibetan Mountain Temple is my fave
Miller Harris – Feuilles de Tabac and Fleurs de Sel
Lotus Wei – Pure Energy and Infinite Love
Malin + Goetz for their sublime rum perfume oil (I made a special trip to their store while in NYC so it will always have happy associations)
Terry du Gunzberg – Flagrant Delice
Nasomatto – Hindu Grass
Jo Malone – Nutmeg & Ginger, always, Wood Sage & Sea Salt, and French Lime Blossom smells EXACTLY like linden blossom in the spring *sigh*
Etat Libre d’Orange – Noel au Balcon
Parfumerie Generale – Coze
Honore des Pres – Chaman’s Party
West Third Brand – Sandalo Tuberosa
L’Orientaliste – Santal and Orange Blossom (bought in Marrakech so especially cherished :)
CO Bigelow – Patchouli and Vanilla oils
DoTERRA essential oils – Balance and Serenity are favourites

So there you have it. What products do you swear by?

Ps. Pop back here on Wednesday when I’ll have something fun for you x

There is beauty everywhere |

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