The tools that brought the most transformation in the years after my bereavement were grounded in my own innate CREATIVITY. Photography, journaling, blogging and meditation all worked together to open the door to who I really am. After decades of living life with my eyes shut, I was finally — joyfully, gratefully, humbly — awake. I bloomed.

Being creative brings us satisfaction in the moment, but it goes so much deeper than that. It gives us a voice to express ourselves in more meaningful ways. It shines the light on our truest selves, as we explore the layers of our lives and dreams. It helps us ask the right questions — and uncover the answers we hold within. It reconnects us to the source of all the wisdom we’ll ever need: our inner knowing.

One of my superpowers is bringing people together online.

All of my courses help you to dive deep into your inner world, reawakening your creativity and nurturing self-expression through journaling, meditation, oracle cards, photography and blogging. Plus alongside this delicious new connection to your creative self, you’ll also meet a group of like-minded souls from around the world — we learn best as we support each other and share our stories. Let’s do this!

"The Sacred Alone was one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I discovered that even though I have a gorgeous wife and 5 kids, lots of work and a busy home life, I can still find pockets of alone time and honour myself amongst my day. The meditations were very powerful and a great way to focus within. The journal exercises have rekindled my love for journaling my thoughts and emotions. Though most of all, this course enabled me to feel like I deserved and indeed was nourished by regular time being really 'alone' in a sacred way. Thank you Susannah - you're a marvel."Christos, The Sacred Alone
"I can’t believe how the time flew by with this course. I enjoyed it so much. I found it was the perfect place for me to spread my blogging wings, ask questions, get advice, share ideas and test new waters as someone trying to really honor my desire to blog. It is such a desire, you know? I just love doing it. And having your feedback, the Facebook community and meeting other established bloggers helped me further define my unique desire and how to best share it with the world."Colleen, Blogging From The Heart
“Probably the most important thing that happened for me in this course was that I started connecting with my inner self again, which is something I tend to lose track of in the middle of a busy semester. But your class kept me in touch with my inner desires & dreams. Also, the troubleshooting video you posted last week totally broke me open to the possibilities of what a journal could do for my work as a professor and novelist in progress. Reading/watching each blog post and video was like a tiny gift I gave to myself each day. Thank you!”Kim, Journal Your LIfe
“Your guidance has opened a new world for me and I can't thank you enough. I'm still new on this journey, but you have shown me the paths... OMGoodness it's been fun! The class was a perfect pace for me, my house could use a good sweep but that's because I purchased so many new decks and just had to devote time to welcoming them all — ha! The Facebook group is a wonderful asset to accompany the class. Everyone is so supportive and I've learned a great deal from the sharing. Technology can be a wonderful thing allowing us to connect around the world. Without it I'd still be using my 15-year-old basic tarot deck once a week to ask: ”What will my life be like this week?" You are a blessing to my life, exactly what I needed and I thank you.”Valerie, Daily Guidance
"Susannah, thank you so much for this course. I loved it! I have been taking my camera everywhere and I haven't done that in years. Would you believe that I was shooting outside during my prep periods at school. I was running out in the parking lot trying so hard to catch the morning light. Normally I am so busy inside the build- ing that I don't even see the morning light! This course has helped me to become more aware of life's little everyday moments and has given me the inspiration to cap- ture them in photos. The slideshows were amazing."ANGELA, PHOTO MEDITATIONS
“This course has been INCREDIBLE! It has been worth every single penny as this vast new world has been opened up because of your guidance. Thank you for encouraging each of us to make our own LWB. It was such a fun project, especially the way you encouraged us to personalize it. Thank you for being so aware of those of us just beginning. It never seemed like you were 'dumbing' things down, but rather that you started us out at the beginning, simply, and then built concepts along the way. I think all levels must have been happy! Such a perfect first experience for this newbie. And special thanks for always reminding us to trust and look to our own intuition. I enjoyed every single moment and I am filled to overflowing with information, inspiration, and resources!”KRISTIN, 78 MIRRORS