Blogging From the Heart

Imagine having a place where you don’t have to be anything other than exactly who you are in all your fabulous messy glory.

A place that offers solace and inspiration, possibility and retreat. Where you can gather the things you love and let your dreams take flight. A sacred place that’s 100% completely yours.

That’s what a journal is.

Long before I was ever allowed to have my own camera I used a notebook and pen to write about my life. I’ve kept a journal for the last 30 years, ever since my 11-year-old self first wrote down the date and confided to the page that her guinea pig had died. Journalling has been my sanity-keeper and self-discovery aid. It’s helped me navigate the most devastating grief and remake my life again and again.

Journalling has been the foundation for everything I’ve created in my life.

In this brand new six-week course I’ll lead you through the creation of your own journalling practice, including how to make a Creative Dream Journal, the tool that’s helped me truly write my dreams into reality. Each week we’ll focus on a specific area of our lives, excavating our own personal wisdom, getting deliciously honest with ourselves on the page and flexing our creative muscles as we dig into what delights our hearts.

There are as many ways to journal as there are people on the planet, so I’ll be sharing my own particular flavour, a mix of traditional pen-and-paper recording + visual mapping, with a side of washi tape thrown in for good measure. By the end of the course you’ll have a much deeper, more honest, relationship with yourself, and whether you continue to use your Creative Dream Journal or expand into other intuitive ways of journalling, you’ll definitely have the journalling fire burning bright in your life.

It’s not the words, the pictures or the glue alone that makes journalling powerful — it’s our INTENTION when we pick up the pen. It’s our deepest heartfelt desire to know ourselves — warts and all — so we can be our best selves out in the world.

Who this course is for:

Absolute beginners: if you’ve never journalled, find the idea intimidating, and/or have no idea where to start, this course is for you. As we put together our Creative Dream Journals I’ll share plenty of different journalling techniques and prompts to get you started. No more fear of the blank page!

Occasional dabblers: if you’ve written in a journal sporadically over years, but never seem to get a practice in place, this course will definitely help you find your journalling sweet spot. Sometimes we just need some structure to help us carve out a routine we can stick to — this course will give you that.

Seasoned journallers: you beauties will likely be familiar with many of the techniques I share in the course, and the content is certainly more for beginners and dabblers, but if you want to reinvigorate your journalling with new ideas and get some accountability from a community of like-minded souls, please do join us!

This six-week course includes:

  • In-depth lessons, troubleshooting and guidance
  • An abundance of insightful journalling prompts to dive into
  • Exclusive peeks into my own journals
  • Video interviews with inspiring journallers + peeks into their journals
  • Group connecting in the private Facebook group
  • A gorgeous 123-page ebook of the entire course for you to download and keep forever

Next Session: Winter 2015

Registration opens – Wednesday October 7th
Start date – Monday November 2nd
Duration – 6 weeks
Fee – £97 GBP

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‘You touch so many women on such a deep soul level. You’ve made journal writing sexy and sacred.’ ~ Jackee

Week by week

Week 1: Preparing the way

In the first week we prepare for the journey — choosing our journals, gathering imagery for our Creative Dream Journals and practising some of the key journalling techniques we’ll be using in the course.

Week 2: Inner self

In the second week we begin the journey in earnest, starting with our inner world. Our conversations with ourselves are the backbone of journalling, so we’ll start with who we are and what got us to this place.

Week 3: Outer self

In week three we explore our outer selves, examining our history and relationship to our body and health. We’ll begin the conversation with our bodies, finding out exactly what they have to say to us…

Week 4: Dreamscape

Week four explores the dreams we have at night, and the dreams we have while awake. We’ll start recording our own dream lexicon and examine what our nightmares have to teach us.

Week 5: Purpose

In the fifth week we’ll explore how we make a difference in the world, no matter how big or small our impact. We’ll identify what drives us and learn how to get intimate with our purpose.

Week 6: Spirit

In the last week we dive deep into the thoughts, beliefs and rituals that hold meaning for us personally, creating space for deeper connection in our everyday lives. You'll learn journalling techniques for tapping into your inner wisdom, and find out exactly what a paper altar is...

This course is about so much more than just writing stuff in a notebook. Prepare to have your world changed forever... Come join us!

‘This has been so much more than just a course, it's become a Process. What I have learned, what has taken me most by surprise, is Gratitude. I find that every time I journal now I end up thanking God for my life and all that it holds. On the outside, my life seems very ordinary, perhaps even a little boring. What I have discovered is that I have an internal life that is extraordinary, rich and fulfilling. I wake up each morning excited by the sheer possibility that each day holds. This gift you've given me is priceless, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!’ ~ Beth

‘What I discovered in Susannah’s class is that I’m not alone in keeping several journals going at once for different reasons. A lot of what I was doing finally made sense to me. I was also introduced to wonderful, supportive, creative tribe of women/artists/writers who are all at different places in their journey. For me, that along with Susannah’s key insights which really made me delve deep into my self-talk and where I am on my path. I find her creative insights and introspection uncanny and it is wonderful to find that kindred light in someone else.’ ~ Jennifer

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get out of the course?

Hopefully the beginning of a life-long journalling practice! Journalling is a practical and accessible way to stay connected to our inner self, our body, our dreams and our purpose in life. It's an on-going conversation with self, that we can do any place at any time.

In the class you'll learn how to create and use a Creative Dream Journal as well as practicing the more traditional notebook-and-pen method. You'll be guided through lots of journalling prompts and techniques, with plenty of examples from my own journals included, too. If you've never journalled before you'll see how others use their journals to encourage you as you find your own way (the video interviews are seriously inspiring). Plus there's the bonus of doing this in community -- journalling is obviously quite a solitary endeavour, so having the Facebook group to share your experiences in will help keep you motivated :)

What do I need?

Access to a computer and the internet, a notebook you wish to use as your journal, plus a pen you love to write with. In the first week we’ll discuss what supplies you need to make the Creative Dream Journal (it’s not compulsory to make one, btw — you might prefer to just glean ideas for your regular journalling instead).

Will we be doing art journalling?

I have very few painterly or arty skills, so, no, this is not an art journalling course. However, if you wanted to do some art journalling using the prompts I give you go for it! It’s your journal — it’s your space to do whatever you want.

Do I have to be in class at certain times?

No, there are no set times when you have to be in class. The lessons are posted to the private course blog and emailed to you on set days, but this is a self-paced course, so you can fit it in whenever is best for you. Expect to spend about an hour or two on the course each week.

The course fees are in British pounds – do you accept payment in dollars/euros?

Yes! Your currency is automatically converted when you check out using either a credit card or Paypal. To check the current exchange rate, visit this useful online currency converter.

‘Thank you for this wonderful course, Susannah. I think it has been the best online course I have taken so far - so many stirrings, an open door to infinite possibilities. I am thinking about things differently, exploring feelings, hopes and dreams. I believe my journal will be a pathway to something bigger and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. I will be in your next journal class, count me in - I'll even pay now :)’ ~ Vicki

‘Probably the most important thing that happened for me in this course was that I started connecting with my inner self again, which is something I tend to lose track of in the middle of a busy semester. But your class kept me in touch with my inner desires & dreams. Also, the troubleshooting video you posted last week totally broke me open to the possibilities of what a journal could do for my work as a professor and novelist in progress. Reading/watching each blog post and video was like a tiny gift I gave to myself each day. Thank you!’ ~ Kim

‘Although I have been sick for much of this course journaling has been the one thing I believe has saved me. I have been journaling up to four times a day just to get through the really rough days. Now that I am starting to feel better I still plan on doing all the exercises and I don't think I will ever stop journaling. It is the first thing I do in the morning when I get out of bed and love it. The connection to self and insights that I have gained will only continue to grow and inspire me. Thank you Susannah for such a wonderful course.’ ~ Carol

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