Photo Meditations - Infusing your Images with Soul

For as long as I can remember, photography has been like meditation for me. After losing my partner in 2005 I found my way back to my self with a camera in my hands and a notebook by my side. For me a camera is a meditative tool, an extension of my own eyes that provides a way to observe and record my world and the moments I want to cherish. In this five-week e-course I’ll share everything I know about creating images that carry an imprint of your heart. And that doesn’t mean you need an expensive fancy camera to do that — I shoot with Polaroid cameras, big digital cameras, compacts and my iPhone, but what they all have in common is my eye and my way of seeing.

I’m going to teach you how to see the world through your eyes and your heart, and how to translate that into a photograph.

“Oh my, Susannah, I have LOVED your course. It's brought me alive visually, though I haven't got out with the camera as much as I would have liked. I might redo the course for myself over another 5 weeks. You are genius. Your work is beautiful. Your lessons are clear and inspiring. Your layout and language totally appetising and encouraging. Your balance of technical and whimsical just delightful. Keep on keeping on. I am your greatest fan.” ~ Rosie

“Susannah, many, many thanks for the last few weeks! I have looked forward every morning to your posts: I will be bereft now! My photography - and my eye - have been transformed! It feels like the beginning of a whole new part of me. Your gentle style, insights, generosity of spirit and advice and the way you set up the course have been an inspiration. I will use it over and over.” ~ Lindsey

The course includes:

  • In-depth photo theory lessons
  • Challenges and prompts to expand your creativity
  • Narrated photo slideshows to inspire you
  • Detailed posts on how I shoot
  • Interviews with soulful intuitive photographers
  • A fully-comprehensive resources section
  • A beautifully-designed ebook (114 pages!) of the
    entire course for you to download and keep,
    including the slideshows & resources

Topics covered include:

  • Composition theory and application
  • Depth of field explained in layman’s terms
  • My take on post-processing
  • Embracing the light
  • Self-portraiture
  • Shooting for your blog
  • Story-telling with photos
  • My top tips for getting soulful shots

Next Session: Winter 2016

Registration opens – Wednesday January 6th
Start date – Monday February 1st
Duration – 5 weeks
Fee – £87 GBP

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‘I don't want it to end! I'm really enjoying your teaching style and it's just been so inspirational. Even though I've been working on my photography since my first class *gasp* 13 years ago, each week there's been a few "aha!" moments. And just the excitement and enthusiasm of my fellow students is inspiring. Loving. it.’ ~ Diana

‘Watching the slideshow, with your narration, just touched me so deeply. To be unearthing the how of seeing for its emotional impact, to hear another artist deciphering the beauty in images that move them, is a generous slice of heaven that you are sharing with your photo girls. From my perspective, the simplicity of your voice beneath the pictures is as magical as radio – it feels so personal, and yet like community. I can already tell that i will be reaping rich rewards from this experience for a very long time to come.’ ~ Brenna

Week by week

Week 1. The Bones: Cultivating awareness

In the first week we look at the bones of a photograph, the compositional elements that form the foundation of an image, and explore how to cultivate more awareness as we use our cameras to filter the world around us.

Week 2. The Flesh: Lightness of being

In the second week we examine the flesh of a photograph, the layers of information that give an image more depth and resonance. We’ll also begin looking at ways to weave more of ourselves into our images.

Week 3. The Heart: Shooting from the heart

In the third week we figure out how we can layer more emotion through our shots, diving into different ways to capture our loved ones and record the memories as they happen.

Week 4. The Soul: Going within

In the fourth week we turn our cameras on ourselves, experimenting with self-portraiture as a way to translate our inner world and create metaphors for how we feel.

Week 5. The Tale: Telling stories

In the last week we bring together everything we’ve learned over the previous four weeks as we explore the art of photographic story-telling.

Please note that while I will be briefly touching on post-processing your shots this isn’t a technical photography class. I prefer to use my intuition when taking photographs so this is what I will be teaching too – it’s important to know the basics, and we’ll be looking at the important ones like composition and light, but this course will be a mix of inspiration, tips and essential know-how.

I won’t be teaching you how to use your camera ‒ I will be teaching you how to use your eyes!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have much technical knowledge – can I still take this class?

Yes! As long as you can switch on your camera (or load it with film :) and click the shutter button, you’re good to go!

Can we share our photos with other people taking the course?

Absolutely! We'll be sharing our photos with each other in the private Flickr group.

What’s Flickr? is an online photo-sharing website that’s free to join. With an account you can upload photos to your own galleries, share photos with other users or keep your photos private if you prefer. I'll give you instructions on how to open an account when the course starts.

The course fees are in British pounds – do you accept payment in dollars/euros?

Yes! Your currency is automatically converted when you check out using either a credit card or Paypal. To check the current exchange rate, visit this useful online currency converter.

What will I get out of the course?

It's my hope that Photo Meditations will truly open your eyes. Photography is so much more than cameras and f-stops. It's a beautiful way to connect with the world around you, to express emotion and, of course, to record memories. In the course I'll share my tips and tricks for adding more of YOU into your shots. By the end of the class you'll have a better idea of how to make images that mean something to you -- and don't be surprised if you start taking your camera with you every time you leave the house!

Do I have to be in class at certain times?

No, there are no set times when you have to be in class. The lessons are posted to the private course blog and emailed to you on set days, but this is a self-paced course, so you can fit it in whenever is best for you. Expect to spend about an hour or two on the course each week.

What do I need?

Access to a computer + the internet. A camera. A notebook and pen.

What sort of camera should I use?

Any camera! Your favourite camera! DSLRs, point ‘n’ shoots, iPhones, Polaroids, Instax. All cameras are perfect for this class.

“I appreciated the structure of daily prompts - they kept me engaged. I appreciated looking at examples from your work and those of others in your slide shows and the interviews -- I often felt surprised and delighted, making sense of "seeing" and inspiration for what's possible, learning and expanding my sense of beauty. I also appreciated the learning in using my camera. I smile writing this - I recall a statement you made somewhere in the class: "what's the light doing?" That has been replaying in my head -- the learning about light and its effects has been helpful. Taking my first self-portraits as part of this course and taking in the effect that in itself has had on me, I feel gratitude. I discovered gentleness towards myself and something "happened" for me in following that prompt. A sense of trust that comes from understanding something, I cannot grasp, yet. Thank you for offering this class.” ~ Kaija

“Susannah, thank you so much for this course. I loved it! I have been taking my camera everywhere and I haven't done that in years. Would you believe that I was shooting outside during my prep periods at school. I was running out in the parking lot trying so hard to catch the morning light. Normally I am so busy inside the building that I don't even see the morning light!!!! This course has helped me to become more aware of life's little everyday moments and has given me the inspiration to capture them in photos. Oh...the slideshows were amazing. I have gained more knowledge about composition, color, light, self-portraits, storytelling, how to use line and texture more effectively, and so much more. This course is full of info. I cannot wait for the next course to begin!” ~ Angela

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