Unravelling: Ways of Seeing My Self

Can you imagine looking in the mirror and seeing yourself with love?

Are you ready to reconnect with the part of you who knows she is worthy of love and joy and deep DEEP acceptance?

The Unravelling e-course is designed to help you heal the way you see your self and your world, using photography and journalling to access hidden thoughts & dreams and encourage personal realisations, all in the safe space of a like-minded private community.

Since I first launched the course in January 2009 literally thousands of women have unravelled with me and opened the door to their own healing path.  The Unravelling process is a new, more creative way to view your life, taking time to explore the many facets that make up who you are, where you’ve been and where you want to go next.

Beginning with your feet, you’re going to go on a photo safari into your own life. As I guide you through this process I’ll be sharing insights and inspiration gleaned from my own healing journey.

This is the most worthwhile and important journey I have ever taken.

But this isn’t a photography course — far from it, in fact! We’re simply using our cameras as tools to help us really SEE ourselves and zoom in on what’s most important. You don’t need any previous photography experience to do this course – just a heartfelt desire to get back in touch with the real YOU.

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Duration – 9 weeks
Fee – £127 GBP

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Each week you’ll be given a photo assignment that focuses on an aspect of you and your life. As you complete each project you’ll unravel another layer, exploring your memories, reflection, alter ego and favourite places along the way.

The writing exercises will support your photo projects and encourage greater self-awareness. Some of the assignments and exercises you’ll find quite easy, others you may find more challenging – the aim is to help you really see yourself and begin to tell your story so that by the end of the course you’ll have new appreciation for the journey your life has taken you on. You’ll also have a set of images that provide a fascinating insight into who you truly are.

Give yourself permission to take a couple of hours out of your week to devote solely to YOU. This isn’t self-indulgence, this is nurturing, nourishing soul time!

‘When I first started I was feeling more lost than I have ever felt. I was completely devoid of purpose and now, it’s not that I see a sparkling clear path of what I should do ahead of me, but I feel like I know more about where I want to be headed. Every week, I felt that I was truly spending time on me. Figuring out my own complexities. Things that I may have just brushed aside in the past I really took the time to figure out and understand. I felt like I had this weekly goal and it just opened my mind and my heart to the possibility of learning more about the real me. It has been brilliant. You and the girls created the safest place for me to voice to the world my deepest fears and insecurities. How is that even possible in only 8 weeks!? ;) It has just been a beautiful journey.’ ~ Lauren

When Unravellers come together online a tribe is formed, and the encouragement and fellowship found in these dynamic groups supports each person in their own journey… So if you’re yearning to reconnect with the real you, this is the place to start!

This nine-week course includes:

  • Creative weekly photo assignments
  • Twice-weekly illuminating writing exercises
  • Weekly videos from Susannah (accessible even after the course ends)
  • Group connecting on the private discussion board
  • A beautiful ebook of the entire course for you to download and refer to again and again

‘I just wanted to thank you so much for the best treat I’ve ever given myself. I have never felt such a creative awakening as I have taking this class. It’s such a great environment that you’ve created – this amazing tribe of women sharing their stories, their beautiful photos and felt safe in the space to tell their most personal stories. We all bonded so quickly because of it. I literally stayed up until midnight most nights pouring through all the photos and writing – and that’s late for me, I have to get up at 5:30 for work, but I didn’t care. I just felt a natural buzz that kept me going all these weeks. I still have a lot of work to do in terms of my own confidence, but you have set me on the most beautiful path towards it.’
~ Kelly

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unravelling a photography course?

Not in the traditional sense, no. We use our cameras but it’s not about making amazing pictures (though of course you might!) but rather thinking about what we photograph and what it means to us. If you’re looking for a photography class that teaches you how to infuse your images with more of your soul, check out Photo Meditations :)

Do I have to be in class at certain times?

No, there are no set times when you have to be in class. The lessons are posted to the private course blog and emailed to you on set days, but this is a self-paced course, so you can fit it in whenever is best for you. Expect to spend about an hour or two on the course each week..

The course fees are in British pounds – do you accept payment in dollars/euros?

Yes! Your currency is automatically converted when you check out using either a credit card or Paypal. To check the current exchange rate, visit this useful online currency converter.

What’s a Flickr account?

Flickr.com is an online photo-sharing website that’s free to join. With an account you can upload photos to your own galleries, share photos with other users or keep your photos private if you prefer. I'll give you instructions on how to open an account when the course starts.

I’m not a photographer – can I still take part?

Absolutely! No previous photography experience is necessary to take part in Unravelling.

Is there an age limit? Can men join too?

No, there’s no age limit – Unravelling is for women of all ages who want to take a closer look at themselves and their life via the lens of their camera. Which means this is a class for women only.

What will I get out of the Unravelling course?

It’s my hope that Unravelling will kick-start different things for different people. For some it might be a space for some me-time during the week; it could be a chance to start getting to know the ‘you’ that you know is hidden inside, to reconnect with yourself and your passions; it might simply be a good reason to play with your camera! By working through this course you may find you start to notice more things around you – maybe you’ll have a sudden burst of creativity, triggered by all this picture-taking or maybe you’ll find you’re feeling more comfortable around cameras.

As with any workshop, evening class or self-help book, the more you put into the course – group participation, photo-taking and private journalling – the more you will get out of it.

This course is a place where you can start to make friends with yourself again – honouring memories, seeing the beauty in your face, thinking about hidden dreams, appreciating your tribe around you, seeing where you are in the world… and finding a lovely online community too. Many many friendships have been made through Unravelling classes – and lots of real life meet-ups have be organised too!

How is the Unravelling course run?

The class runs for nine weeks and is made up of weekly photo assignments, videos from me, writing prompts and exercises. All content will be posted to the private course blog and also emailed to you direct, Monday - Friday. We'll also have a private Flickr group where you can share your photos each week and take part in discussions.

Week five (February 2nd - 6th) will be a rest week so you have breathing space to catch up with any assignments and prompts you haven't had time for. There will be no assignments or exercises that week.

What do I need?

A camera, access to a computer and the internet, a Flickr account if you wish to share your photos with the group, a notebook and a pen. Using a digital camera (DSLR or compact – some Unravellers like to use their cell phone camera as it’s always with them!) will make uploading your images to the Flickr group quick and easy, but film cameras can also be used – just scan your prints or negatives before uploading your images to Flickr.

‘When I began Unravelling, I wasn’t sure where I wanted the course to take me; I simply wanted to know a little bit more about myself. Very quickly, though, the adventure of the assignments, and the personal insights from Susannah, raised questions that demanded answers. From there, the process of self-discovery really seemed to take on a life of its own. The photography assignments were wonderful in the way they were able to bring out the individual in everyone, and the journaling exercises took me — an avid journaler my whole life — to new depths in my writing. Really, I feel the course gave me eight weeks to develop the tools to look at myself through a more analytical, but also much kinder, lens, and the rest of my life will be spent continuing to unravel.’ ~ Astrid

‘THANK YOU for Unravelling. What a wonderful and wondrous experience! I knew when I walked out of my home one day thinking “damn, I’m beautiful” that something in the course clicked just so. When you can think that about both your outward appearance and your internal values and lifestyle, you know something is right. I think I’ve probably been unravelling for about three years since my awful, ugly break-up with an ex (which in retrospect was a huge blessing, but isn’t that how it is?). But the course was the push over the ledge AND the icing on the cake that I needed to become more fully self-actualized. I appreciate the energy and love you put into the course and in each student under your care. Thank you for putting together a marvelous, delightful and truly life affirming program. You’re the best!’ ~ Stacy

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