“I don’t think that anything I write can truly do this course justice, because like all super special things words just aren’t enough. I can say, though, that Unravelling marks a turning point in my life. There was something perfectly synchronous about the week to week structure of the course. The combination of the writing exercises, the photo assignments and the invaluable embrace of my co-Unravellers worked it’s magic on me. I unravelled layers and unlocked insights. Now a month later and I am letting my feet settle into the path which they are on, with a calm knowing that my journey has begun. This course is a gift to your soul.” Beck, Unravelling

‘I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I am enjoying your class.  I took Unraveling last year and Blogging From the Heart earlier this year.  Both times, life happened and I wasn’t able to participate fully in the class. Now, as I’ve thrown myself into Journal Your Life, I see how much I’ve missed out.  I have taken tons of e-courses and often wondered why you didn’t do yours like most of the others do — sell the course and leave it to people to do on their own. Now I know why you excel at what you do: You foster a safe and friendly community for people to participate and share in a way no one else does.  Your friendly and professional teaching style is about 3 clicks above anyone else I’ve learned from.  You are simply great at what you do.  Thank you!’ ~ Beth, Journal Your Life

‘I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this experience.  This course has really been an unexpectedly supportive environment for me to explore myself.  I remember when I signed up for the course, I had an idea of what it might be and it has blown away all my expectations.  I was looking for a community of women to be present and supportive and witness and understand the process of getting in touch with myself and this course was exactly that and so much more.  What I am most surprised of and thankful for is the connection and support I found in this course.

Your guidance and how you share what you’ve been through really is a beacon that leads the way.  I think in our society, it is difficult to find the time to come together as women and be supportive and share in a group, but in this course, you have really found a way to create this, across countries no less!  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to participate.  This course has really opened my eyes and heart and awakened so much compassion inside me, for myself and for everyone in the world.’ ~ Susie, Unravelling

‘Two years ago I signed up for my first e-class ever (Unravelling Fall 2009) when this concept was really quite new.  I had no expectations and was really quite apprehensive about the whole process. As our class began I posed the question in the forum, “Why are you taking this class?” and the floodgates opened.  We were all there for so many reasons but with open hearts and minds.  Susannah’s warm, honest yet nurturing manner and guidance attracts similar qualities in her students. The journey she takes you on is unlike any other with a mix of personal storytelling, visual storytelling, camaraderie and self-exploration.  On the surface it seems simple but those seemingly still waters run very deep. Susannah herself is truly the magic that makes the whole journey worthwhile.

I am still friends with many of these people 2 years later.  In fact, I became so close with many of my fellow students and felt such a kinship with Susannah herself, I literally had to meet her.  I’ve never felt so compelled to meet someone before and it felt almost foolish.  However, I attended Squam Art Workshops last fall and can attest that Susannah is as genuine, funny and talented in person as she is in the class.  Even more so, actually. It is no overstatement to stay that Unravelling changed the course of my internal and external life for the better, and for that I am eternally grateful.’ ~ Lily, Unravelling

‘I was not one of the more vocal people on the forum; I thought I would be, because I thought that meeting people and discussing thoughts was one of my goals, but this turned out to be a highly personal, introspective journey for me. While a part of me wishes I had made more connections, I think that what I really needed at the time was to be alone with my thoughts and to direct my (limited!) time and energy toward the photographic and writing assignments.  As a professional photographer, I wondered whether there would be anything in these assignments that would be anything new or challenging to me – boy, was I way off! I have always said that photography is not as much about the technical prowess or even the “memories” as it is about how you view the world and what you notice – and your assignments really made me turn my “photographer’s eye” on me, and examine my perception of myself. Even more, it enforced (or, maybe, INTRODUCED!) the idea that I am important, that where I am in life is important, that what I feel and what I value and what I want is IMPORTANT – important enough to photograph and write about. What a gift.’ ~ Olga, Unravelling

‘I can’t tell you what amazing things have happened to me since i began your course. I had heard about it for a while but didn’t think I deserved it, wasn’t worthy blah blah blah… then because I follow you on Twitter I saw you saying that you’d opened registration for the spring course and I just stampeded in to sign up… God, I am glad I did. I had insight after insight, each exercise revealing something deep and precious and true and it has made me stand straighter in my skin than anything i have done before. I am also smiling when I see myself in a mirror — and that is saying something — I truly never used to look at myself in a mirror at all… and now, with the loving words of the people on the course and the surprising finding that I could see something beautiful in my photos, I actually consider a bit of a sashay when I walk through town. I am not hiding and that is a damn good thing. Your honesty, humour and grace are lovely and I am glad glad glad I stampeded to your door.’ ~ Jane

‘Unravelling #1 totally surpassed my expectations. I did not at all expect to: de-clutter my house, reconnect with old friends, resurrect my sewing machine, redecorate, take a trip down memory lane, meet new friends, learn about new books blogs music, and come to love myself more. The seemingly simple exercises in this course – each week taking photos and writing around a theme – worked some kind of soothing and enlivening soul magic on me. I feel very encouraged, stronger in myself, and more sure of my gifts, roles, and goals for this period of my life. I feel so very lucky to be living this life of mine, and feel emboldened to take the next steps. Thank you, Susannah, for your gentle leadership and wisdom, and for your courage to offer this incredible course.’ ~ Rebecca

‘Your courses were a revelation to me. I was instantly drawn into discussions on the board and commenting on the beautiful pictures other Unravellers were taking. I felt the camaraderie of the class banding together almost immediately. It felt like a safe place, this group of over 150 people — each and every one felt like my friend. When I imagined the courses beforehand, I imagined myself taking a back seat, staying in the background while others led the group. In truth, however, I was in the foreground, taking lots of pictures and sharing lots of information about my life and my aspirations. I think this is the true testimonial to how safe I found it. Safe yet engaging, challenging and secure, so interesting I would spend vast amounts of my day thinking about it. Family members would interrupt me with a far-away look on my face and ask me what I had been thinking about. The answer would invariably be Unravelling. So what would I say to someone who was thinking of doing the course? I would tell them that even if they hated taking photos and writing, even if they didn’t want to share anything about themselves, even if they didn’t want to uncover what their dreams are, they would still learn something about themselves, because of their marvellous teacher.’ ~ Fiona

‘It has been so interesting to think about myself in ways that I never would have done without your prompting. It has made me think about the person that I am, what is important to me and who I might like to be. I never envisioned how wonderful the group pool and discussions would be. I feel like I have got to know this incredible group of women of all ages from all over the world. As one of the youngest participants, I have been so inspired by these women’s lives. I’m actually going to meet up with one of them in two weeks time when I am visiting the place she lives, and I’m really excited about it. Thanks again for all your wise words and encouragement.’ ~ Helen

‘The past year overall has been life changing for me. I innocently started a silly little blog with no focus whatsoever, and through a series of steps, it led me to a place in my life I never expected. I know what I want to do with my life, even though I didn’t know that was what I was searching for. That being said, I don’t think I understood all the changes that I had gone through until I began your course. For the first time, I have a firm grasp on myself, on where I come from and how that has shaped who I am, on what I want out of life. For the first time, I am allowing myself to want exactly what I want, rather than what I think I should want (I hope that made sense). I can’t express in words how good that feels. I just wanted to say thank you, for having gone through what you’ve gone through, and all the things that led you to this understanding of yourself. Thank you for sharing it with others, because there are a lot of us who need a little bit of help and love. Thank you for putting yourself out there so fully, because I think it makes us want to be braver.’ ~ Ashley

‘I don’t think my words will ever be enough to let you know how grateful I am to have been able to be a part of your Unravelling tribe. Everything about your course has been honest, true and so genuine. You are a wonderful, amazing woman, one who has allowed her growth as person to help other women find their growth. I hope you realise the impact you make on others, and I am blessed beyond belief to have you in my life as an inspiration. You inspire me to be a better person, you inspire me to be who I am and you inspire me to live my life as it should be. Your Unravelling course has opened up many doors that I have kept closed for years and you have unexpectedly come into my life, encouraged me with your simple words, and you have left a footprint in my soul that I will hold onto forever.  I am so grateful to know a woman like you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.’ ~ Rae

‘THANK YOU for Unravelling.  What a wonderful and wondrous experience!  I knew when I walked out of my home one day thinking “damn, I’m beautiful” that something in the course clicked just so. When you can think that about both your outward appearance and your internal values and lifestyle, you know something is right.  I think I’ve probably been unravelling for about three years since my awful, ugly break-up with an ex (which in retrospect was a huge blessing, but isn’t that how it is?).  But the course was the push over the ledge AND the icing on the cake (wait, did someone say cake?  Yum!) that I needed to become more fully self-actualized.  I appreciate the energy and love you put into the course and in each student under your care.  Thank you for putting together a marvelous, delightful and truly life affirming program.  You’re the best!’ ~ Stacy

‘I just wanted to thank you so much for the best treat I’ve ever given myself.  I have never felt such a creative awakening as I have taking this class. It’s such a great environment that you’ve created – this amazing tribe of women sharing their stories, their beautiful photos and felt safe in the space to tell their most personal stories. We all bonded so quickly because of it. I literally stayed up until midnight most nights pouring through all the photos and writing – and that’s late for me, I have to get up at 5:30 for work, but I didn’t care. I just felt a natural buzz that kept me going all these weeks. I still have a lot of work to do in terms of my own confidence, but you have set me on the most beautiful path towards it.’ ~ Kelly

‘Thank you so much for designing and bringing Unravelling to the world. Your concept for the course is brilliant.  Unravelling encourages personal growth, connection, healing – and the pursuit of dreams.  Having the opportunity to be in touch with 160 women around the world is an experience I’ll treasure always. I found that the group members were incredibly respectful and supportive.  I think this was, in part, due to the positive behaviours you modeled for us.  It was lovely, the way you kept in touch with weekly videos and your visits to the Flickr group site (along with your very encouraging comments). I feel I’ve grown during the course.  While I haven’t completed all of the written assignments, those I have completed resulted in some ah-ha’s including my apparent lack of attachment to material things.  I also gained a greater appreciation for the people in my life.  I’ve been able to clarify a major goal and feel encouraged to move forward.  And I’ve faced the realization that I often feel unworthy.  Hearing others talk about similar feelings has helped me feel less alone and more compassionate towards myself. Your healing journey has been a remarkable one, and because of your experiences you have been able to help others.  I’m glad that the sun is beginning to shine in your life again, and doors open for you.  Susannah, you are a very special human being.  Thank you for all you’ve done.’ ~ Janis

‘There was such a natural flow to the work, and so many of us (from all around the world) experienced some type of perfect timing from the universe to let us know we were on the right track. I don’t think I can put into words the gift you gave to me. Through your videos, photo and writing assignments, words of praise and encouragement, the development of a sisterhood – as well as the openness you shared with us – you allowed me to feel comfortable finding me again. After posting my last photo, I felt grounded.  I know the 45-year-old me and accept my gift as a powerful part of who I am…I BELIEVE.’ ~ Tammy, Unravelling #2

‘You have given me so much to think about, sort out, question…. and remarkably I have found some answers! Thank you so very much. I have loved both Unravelling courses. They are just what I needed in this time of my life. It worked out so well for me being able to take the second course soon after the first. The first course uncovered so many emotions for me (which I was surprised). After it was over there was still something missing for me….I was searching for a way to move forward - Living in my World did exactly that!! Now I know how to begin CHANGE and I have the confidence that I will be able to stay on that path! It’s going to take a while but I am on my way and so very excited about the prospects. Thank you so very much!’ ~ Angela, Unravelling #2

‘When I first started I was feeling more lost than I have ever felt. I was completely devoid of purpose and now, it’s not that I see a sparkling clear path of what I should do ahead of me, but I feel like I know more about where I want to be headed. Every week, I felt that I was truly spending time on me. Figuring out my own complexities. Things that I may have just brushed aside in the past I really took the time to figure out and understand. I felt like I had this weekly goal and it just opened my mind and my heart to the possibility of learning more about the real me. It has been brilliant. You and the girls created the safest place for me to voice to the world my deepest fears and insecurities. How is that even possible in only 8 weeks!? ;) It has just been a beautiful journey.’ ~ Lauren

‘Thank you for the Unravelling course. Thank you for being you. It has been a wonderful course and has inspired me in so many ways. I wanted a course where I could make use of my creativity and Unravelling was it. But it would not have been the same if you had not been you. Not only a wise teacher but a genuine woman – honest and vulnerable. I feel I almost know you :-)’ ~ Tina

‘I wish I had some profound thoughts or words to convey how fabulous I thought this course was.  Thank you just doesn’t seem to do justice but it’s all I have.  I think I’ve always been a pretty introspective person, but I’ve never felt such clarity around my thoughts and self reflection as I have working through these past weeks, if that makes sense.  Or it’s like my brain and heart finally clicked in together a little bit more than I’ve ever experienced.  SO again, thank you for that.  The surprise I wasn’t expecting was how willing and able I was to share a little bit more of myself to others than I ever have before, to even my closest friends. Usually I find I do more lurking than participating… so thank you for creating a safe place and format to do that.’ ~ Kim

‘First of all thanks for having created such a lovely place for us to gather and express our emotions as well as our need to discover ourselves a little more. This has been such a joyful adventure and I enjoyed every moment of it. Your assignments were clever and powerful input for me to do some more digging into myself, which is something we don’t usually do in our “busy-hectic” lives, do we? I embraced it with all my heart and as the Unravelling process went on and on, me without even realizing it, I was finding the bits of myself I was looking for, all the things I had somehow lost on the way, until it became pretty clear to me that what I was longing for, the things that truly make me happy, are the only things that are worth pursuing. It didn’t take me too long to understand that this course was exactly what I needed in this very moment, and after these eight weeks I feel more confidence in my heart, the confidence that comes from this incredible chance I had to give a clear and honest look inside myself with no filter or judgments, and for this I am really grateful.’ ~ Mariella

‘I have been blown away by the richness and the empowerment I have experienced through this course.  I’ve taken many self-exploration courses and retreats and this course has given me more insight into myself than I have previously experienced.  The structure of the course, and Susannah’s generous sharing of her own process, gently and skillfully led me into progressively deeper layers of my past, notions of identity, self, dreams and aspirations.  Susannah provides a space of safety, support and encouragement that facilitates this process and I was prompted to delve deeper than I had imagined possible… I’m taking away an enhanced understanding of myself, where I have been but more importantly, where I want to go next. This course helped me discover a way of being more mindfully and creatively engaged in my everyday life. That is the richest reward of all and thank you does not begin to express the depths of my gratitude for this gift.’  ~ Lis

‘Just wanted to send a thank you to tell you how fantastic and honest and perfect the Unravelling course was for me. So soul-opening! This is a path that I have been on for many years ~ learning to speak up for myself, and being okay with who I am. In so many ways your course not only unravels the tangles, it cuts right through some of them; I feel as if a lot of baggage is now way behind me, and no longer weighing me down: like the difference between a sailboat or a tugboat – they’re still the same size, but what a difference of purpose! Your course, in such an honest, supportive way, shows us the real us, and encourages us to make no bones about it. To be. To find joy. To focus on the positive and to give ourselves a break. To rejoice in the good stuff, and to be compassionate towards the difficulties. Most importantly, you were clear about there being a certain pace for things to be dealt with: my image is that of a butterfly hatching from its cocoon. You were encouraging us to wriggle out on our own, without laying a finger on us. That kind of patience is so important when inner changes are happening. So, thank you!! I feel so fresh and hopeful, and am loving the other Unravellers. Having that supportive group was amazing.’ ~ Brooke

‘When I began Unravelling, I wasn’t sure where I wanted the course to take me; I simply wanted to know a little bit more about myself. Very quickly, though, the adventure of the assignments, and the personal insights from Susannah, raised questions that demanded answers. From there, the process of self-discovery really seemed to take on a life of its own. The photography assignments were wonderful in the way they were able to bring out the individual in everyone, and the journaling exercises took me — an avid journaler my whole life — to new depths in my writing. Really, I feel the course gave me eight weeks to develop the tools to look at myself through a more analytical, but also much kinder, lens, and the rest of my life will be spent continuing to unravel.’ ~ Astrid

‘I remember looking a bit wistfully at my camera before Unravelling and thinking about how it was not getting much use. Unravelling definitely changed that and it is used daily now! What I didn’t expect to find was this sense of community with others. I’ve only ever connected with people on-line that I knew in real life and the idea of connecting with strangers on-line was very abstract to me. Yet, it has really opened up my life and heart in a way. While I have people around me in daily life, good people, I don’t really have a “creative tribe” and through Unravelling I’ve found this group of inspiring, creative and supportive women, which has added another layer of joy and sense of connection to my life. It’s also affected the way I interact with others on a daily basis – I’m more open, more comfortable to be myself. I am more assertive in a way, yet also more comfortable to let my sensitive side show. Through who you are and your open sharing of your journey, you attract such a great group of people, so thank you for putting so much of yourself into the class.’ ~ Jadyn

‘Thank you for a profoundly meaningful eight weeks! I knew I would love being in this class because I adore your blog and, honestly, eight videos of you talking about anything was worth the price of admission :) Plus having an excuse to use my camera and do some writing was also very appealing. I never expected to fall in love with all my amazing classmates the way I have and how much I’d enjoy looking at their beautiful photographs and lives. You do a fantastic job of creating a completely nurturing and safe environment in which to share and explore and the content of the class exceeded even my high expectations. I cannot recommend this class enough.’ ~ Liz

‘Thank you so much, Susannah! The class has been REALLY wonderful, the unravelling has been fruitful and learning from creating with others is always so special in a comfortable environment like you have created with your e-courses…I leave inspired by all that was shared & I will miss your weekly videos..for sure!’ ~ Dara, Unravelling #2

‘Thank you so much for creating this course. I have discovered parts of myself that I have kept hidden and didn’t know existed before these last eight weeks. I’ve always had so many ideas swarming in my head of photos I would like to take but just didn’t have the motivation or drive to create them. There’s something very empowering about having a group that knows where you are coming from and wants to look and support your ideas as you create them. Before this course, I’d never taken a self-portrait – there is something very intimidating about facing, literally, yourself through the lens. It took me a while to embrace my exterior self, but now I have really enjoyed seeing what part of me the camera is going to capture. This class was the perfect balance between capturing the interior self and exterior. I am also grateful that you chose to use flickr as an online classroom – it’s the most amazing, inspiring site. I’d never really used my account and am now addicted to seeing and finding all the talented and expressive photographers out there! This class has added so much more depth to my life.’ ~ Suzanne

‘Susannah’s course helped me tentatively spread my creative wings and brought much light into an otherwise dark and cold London winter ;-) The weekly videos were a real highlight, as were the connections I made during the course with women from all over the world. This is a really powerful, soul-changing thing to do and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I can’t wait to sign up again soon!’ ~ Natasha

‘Susannah Conway and Unravelling have been two of the highlights of my year. Susannah’s photography keeps me in constant awe – she has the ability to present us fragments of the world in a magical, beautiful, real and honest way. The only way to do it is being that way herself. These same qualities make Unravelling an amazing life experience. Susannah has the talent to lead a large group through different stages that can range from the intimate reflection to the absolute bewilderment with love and continued support. As she takes the same journey with her students the experience is twice as intense.This course has been a journey where glee and pain have been present. It had to be done, there were too many things in my life to feel, see and remember and I am truly grateful for having the chance to do it with my fellow Unravellers and with Susannah’s guidance.’ ~ Paty

‘I took this course as a present to myself for my 40th birthday and it couldn’t have come at a better time in my life. I’ve never had an on-line experience that has made me feel so connected and so inspired by my instructor. Susannah Conway is an on-line miracle worker! She has this incredible gift of making you feel so comfortable and so safe within the cyber walls of the course that you feel like you’ve known her all your life. The combination of photography and writing assignments is brilliant. I was happy and willing to be reduced to an emotional pile of rubble through the weekly exercises because I knew I’d be supported by my new on-line family.  This course has completely reinvigorated my artistic goals and at the same time opened me up to an amazing network of friends from all over the globe that I will cherish forever. It refreshed me, mind, body and soul, and I truly feel renewed. Thank you, Susannah for all you do!’ ~ Amy

‘I’ve done a hell of a lot of e-courses, read self-help books up the wazoo, even travelled to healing spas around the world… your class is up there in the top experiences ever for what it’s done for my life. It’s the best e-course I’ve ever done too. I’m eternally grateful.’ ~ Christine

‘I have been searching for a way to find my way back to myself for some time. I wanted to connect to my inner self and – as cheesy as it sounds – fall in love with myself, let go of things and make peace. When I came across the Unravelling course I didn’t expect it to be the vehicle that would help me to do just that. Initially, I thought it would be a fun photo thing to do. And yes, the photo aspect was fun. But also revealing, touching, eye-opening. I thought the writing would be interesting. And it was but also was deep, emotional, thought-provoking. Now at the end of the course I look the same yet feel different. I connected with wonderful women and the most important woman I connected with is in fact ME. Thanks Susannah. Forever appreciated.’ ~ Mel

‘Susannah is magic, I believe.  Looking at her blog, it is obvious that she does amazing things with photos and writing, but it isn’t until taking the course that you understand just how magical she is.  Perhaps her most magical quality is that she has taken the bits of wisdom that she has collected over the years and woven it into this amazing course that allows you to be magic as well. Susannah has made herself and her wisdom completely accessible. Her course is amazingly well-organized and delivers much more than you expect. After reading some of the testimonials, I had hoped for a life-altering experience but it seemed a bit far-fetched to imagine it could actually occur in an eight-week period, over the internet.  Shockingly, I got just that.  I’ve had several people mention to me in the past few weeks that I am greatly changed.  Importantly, I take that as a good thing.  I have a peace in my life that I never imagined possible.  I didn’t realize how much I didn’t like myself until taking the course — because, through the coursework, I suddenly did like me. Susannah provides the tools and guidance to explore who you really are.  And, magically, to accept that person, wholeheartedly.’ ~ Victoria

‘This e-course is both fun and enlightening.  The group energy is incredible as well.  One of the great things about it is being in a group of strangers – somehow it is freeing and helps you in being honest. You end up making friends with these people and you also see that we are universally the same, often have the same needs and desires, the same fears… and that is reassuring.  As you cheer on others then you realize you are becoming more accepting and loving and understanding of yourself. And then there is the photo taking part… and you learn that the camera is really an extension of you.  Anybody can take pictures.  This class’s asset is in coaching one how to see, what to see, what to look for…  And well, I think I could go as far as to say that this course helps you refind your wings, and dust them off…  I highly recommend this course for all those interested in delving into the ways we see ourselves (and others). It does not require an ordinate amount of time, so fits into busy schedules, and was definitely something I looked forward to participating in everyday! ~ Gena

‘I signed up for Unravelling because I felt in need of creative inspiration and living abroad I needed it to be online. I never expected that an 8-week course could make such a huge impact on my life. I am just so much more inspired and actively creative than I was eight weeks ago before the course started. Susannah has a special alchemy that never makes you feel pressured to be clever and arty – just be yourself. She draws to her courses the most amazingly diverse group of people who form such a supportive and inspiring group and will remain connected long after the eight week course is over. I feel so grateful to whatever led me to find this course online and look forward to going further with Unravelling 2 in the future.’ ~ Ingrid

‘Taking pictures of self had me wondering what others would see
Could I trust the pictures, could they possibly reflect the real me
Then something magical happened once I began to unravel
Back to my true self I slowly but surely began to travel
Support and encouragement helped me to speak my truth
Which lead me to begin healing some wounds from my youth
The journey has given me new friendships, faith and renewed hope
New roads to travel, new ways to see through a creative scope” ~ Karen

‘Unravelling was a revelatory experience. Who knew that simple photo and writing assignments would have me diving so deeply into my life and my self? Susannah is a gifted guide. She is the lightbearer who steps bravely onto the path ahead, turning and beckoning: “Come on! The way is safe.” Each step of the course provided illumination for the next, and formed a path that spiralled ever inward toward my heart. The online environment provides a level of intimacy that many will not expect, especially as my group began to connect through the use of videos. Susannah shared her heart and soul with us, and provided an ever-supportive presence as we moved through the process. She’s an amazing woman and this is an amazing course.’ ~ Karen R

‘Eight weeks ago I had no idea what I was getting into. What I imagined to be just a fun, inspiring workshop that combined photography and words has been all that plus a full dose of personal transformation. The door flew open in my life and I walked out of it into the world armed with a better sense of myself. Unravelling is like your own self-made therapy. Whatever is buried deep down that has been forgotten or denied is gently nurtured back to health. I have had so many insights and revelations, shifts and changes in these eight weeks that I can honestly say I’m a different person walking away from the course than when I walked in. I’m the same person, but I shine a whole lot brighter. You honestly have to experience it to believe it.’ ~ Corinna

‘Both subtle and profound shifts started taking place for me as a result of Unravelling. I began to slow down and take notice of the tremendous beauty in the slices of life that surround me, and a quiet voice started speaking again from deep within – slowly, clearly, with new confidence and awareness.  I began to care for my fellow Unravellers more than I ever thought possible, and to carry their stories and sentiments with me throughout the day. I know that I was led to this course, like each Unraveller is, for a reason, one I trust will continue to unveil itself in varying forms over time.  And Susannah – our wonderful leader, with her candor, humor, and style just her own – gently guided us to take the steps to rediscover and honor our truest selves.  And for someone who is a complete novice at photography, she made me fall in love with the camera and begin discovering my own eye. I thought I might be intimidated in this environment but it was quite the opposite – I was greeted with encouragement and inspiration along the entire path and I honestly feel like the real me thrived here in this magic little world.’ ~ Annie

‘I have to say being “unravelled” feels amazing! Through the photography and writing assignments I found a piece of myself that was being neglected and very much needed acknowledgment, love and respect. My everyday self appeared happy and confident to those looking at me, yet my heart yearned for something more. Unravelling was the switch that turned on the light bulb allowing my head to see inside my soul. Once the light came on I found the part of myself I had spent years searching for.’ ~ Anna

‘Unravelling is like standing on the edge of a diving board over the deep end of the pool.  It is standing still on that board, toes over the edge, trying to remember if you even know how to swim.  It is looking into the distance, towards your future, and jumping anyway, and when you hit the water remembering that not only can you swim, you can fly.’  ~ Debi

‘Unravelling was a little bit of found magic for me.  What makes this course a life-shifting, life-altering, life-changing experience is that Susannah, through the use of a private Flickr pool and group discussion board, has created a safe and astounding online community. Each and every week classmates shared and shared and soon felt safe enough to share insecurities and inner fears.  Support was immediate and positive and soon a collective energy blossomed – there is something magical about a group of women moving forward! Susannah’s course is a gift and it works because she herself is along for the journey. I think “bountiful” would be another apt name. I feel lucky to have found this course — it is inspiring, insightful, invigorating… you will appreciate each and every moment!’ ~ Elizabeth

‘Susannah is a compassionate and gentle facilitator of her students’ Unravelling process.  She cultivated a warm, safe and inclusive community to share our photos and words with one another and it was amazing to be part of such a personally empowering process and have support and friendship through the online community. This experience surpassed my expectations and provided me with powerful tools for furthering my Unravelling process!’ ~ Whitney

‘The Unravelling: slowly peeling away the layers to get to the real me. Shy feet, reflected joy, writing to reach the source. I laughed, I cried, I wondered, I touched the tender child inside and coaxed her to come out and play. I can still feel it working its subtle magic. Susannah provided a warm and welcoming atmosphere and has given so much positive support and guidance. I would highly recommend this e-course.’ ~ Suvarna

‘I thought I already had control of who I was, but this course showed me I had only just chipped away at my self-discovery. I’m coming into my own late in life, so I can’t say if this work is easier when you’re in your 20s or 30s, maybe at any stage looking this deep at your self is a challenge.  This course became a lifeboat keeping me safe as I woke up from a rut, realizing life is too short to be stuck in a whirlpool of fear and self-doubt. It took me to shore so I could work on solid ground, chipping away at the wall I had built around me.  I am starting to see myself more clearly. Most importantly I have a new tribe of beautiful and loving souls whose paths are similar and sometimes mimic mine, and who remind me that I am not alone.  The course introduced me to a like-minded tribe that I hope will remain close to me as I journey on. Susannah and Unravelling are a breath of fresh air that reminds you to live life, to let go, to smile often, nurture thyself, and open your eyes to see beauty.’  ~ Lucinda

‘I can’t begin to describe how wonderful the Unravelling course has been for me, and I am sad that it is almost over. You have done an amazing job pulling together photography, thinking and writing assignments that stretch and shape us. I unravelled into a big happy pile of memory, hopes, inspiration and love and it was so very good.’ ~ Lisa

‘Your class has taught me to slow down, show myself love, really look at who I am, and cherish that person. It has taught me to be as kind to myself as I am to other people. I never felt rushed or pushed.  Rather, I felt encouraged by your kind words and the loving words of the entire group. It felt liberating to be accepted so lovingly and it was hugely encouraging… it has taught me to spread my wings and try to fly.’  ~ Jennifer

‘Do yourself a favor. Sign up to Unravel. Discover and uncover the best parts of yourself through the gentle, wise guidance of Susannah Conway. Explore your world anew through the weekly photo assignments and writing prompts. Layers and beauty and a new cast of friends will be revealed. I promise. It happened for me. Do yourself another favor – participate in the fresh community Susannah facilitates. Create your photos, post your photos and comment on the wonderful images in the pool. You will find nothing but encouragement and a spirited community you have likely longed for. Join the Unravelling adventure. Allow yourself to be changed, to grow and to see your world through a new lens. To be sure, you will find me Unravelling again!’ ~ Graciel

‘Being able to interact with Susannah made this course pretty wonderful, but another aspect I found to be so powerful is the community that has grown from it. There are students from all over the world, all coming from different lives and situations… The class has been a major factor in my risk taking lately, and I have delved in so much that my life has actually shifted since the opening class - not only in my work but in my general outlook and, most of all, my courage. I have actually found a way to slow my pace enough to look around me, and I wasn’t sure if that could ever be possible at the speed I was moving.’  ~ Alana

What Unravelling meant to me ~ Bella

Thank you for Unravelling #2 ~ Brooke

Birthday wishes from my Unravellers

Thoughts on Unravelling ~ Aggie