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There's other stuff I was going to write about today but i can't get past my thoughts for Natasha Richardson's family. She and Liam Neeson were one of those Hollywood couples you could genuinely like as their marriage seemed to be solid and they weren't too flashy; perhaps his working-class Irish background grounded her acting dynasty roots. I can think of a few films I've seen her act in, and though she wasn't particularly on my celebrity radar I'm always a little intrigued by English actresses who do well in the States – maybe you hope it'll rub off on you, somehow – the girl done good, as we'd say.

I'm sitting here at my computer on what is turning out to be another gloriously sunny day and i find i am in tears. I've always had a keen ability to empathise, and when something like
this happens this goes into overdrive and i'm transported back to my own
experience of devastating loss; the numbing shock, like ice water in your veins; the suddenness of it all; the absolute horror of the silent moment when you realise that they are gone, and how you experience this over and over and over again, for days and weeks and months. My heart aches for how her family are feeling right now.

It's common to hear trite comments about how we must hug those we love close to us in the face of such a loss, and yes, that is true and we should do that, but more than ever today i just want to take a gigantic bite out of life and devour it, greedily, messily, completely. If it was my photo on the obituaries page, i'd want the words below it to paint a picture of a life lived to the max, a life that touched others, a life that made a difference.

So today i honour Natasha Richardson; I hope she devoured her life, every thrilling glorious moment of it.


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  1. Deb

    You’re right. It is a shocking end to a wonderful life and I can only imagine a little what her family must be going through.
    I like your sentiments – feel very inspired to take my own large, messy greedy bite. Thanks for sharing your (perhaps) unique view.

  2. beth

    this is just so sad and is on our news everywhere here….a life too shortly lived….such a tragic story.

  3. Paris Parfait

    I’ve been very upset too and wrote about Natasha Wednesday. I had the great privilege of meeting Vanessa Redgrave and her brother Corin in London, through a mutual friend. I’ll never forget Miss Redgrave’s great kindness to my daughter on her eighth birthday. As a mother, I’ve been thinking about what a terrible tragedy for Miss Redgrave to lose her oldest daughter and the equally devastating loss for Liam Neeson and the boys. What a great loss for the world of theatre, as well! Natasha Richardson was one of the great actresses, both onstage and in film. And from all accounts, she was a wonderful woman, who donated much time and energy to charity. So terribly sad. This is another poignant reminder for us to live every moment, fully.

  4. bella

    The death of Natasha stunned me and left me numb. I couldn’t imagine kissing my husband good bye for the day and in a quick, instant turn of events… It’s heartbreaking.
    I feel so sad for her family.

  5. furiousBall

    very sad :(

  6. Carol

    What a very sad day for Natasha’s family. I’m at a loss for words about it all. So sudden. So tragic.

  7. sonrie

    Very sad indeed; I too was struck by how they seemed to be in their relationship, their marriage, and not in the lights and glamour of Hollywood; though, I would definitely call her Glamorous, without a doubt.

  8. Wanda

    I felt a huge shock at the news. Having been through a sudden and tragic death in our family in the last year, I know that there is nothing one can say or do that accurately reflects the feelings or loss.
    My heart is with the entire family–and you.

  9. Chiada

    I couldn’t help but cry when I read that she had died. The horror and devastation that her husband, children, and family must feel… it’s overwhelming and just so, so sad.
    Although this is nothing compared to losing a person dear to you, I lost my beloved dog a year ago. And I cried everyday for two weeks. Then I cried every other day for a month. And then I cried once a month for six months. And I still miss her. The pain of losing a person must be 100 times worse than losing a cherished dog. I don’t know what I’d do.

  10. Stephanie

    i agree. this is such a sudden, awful way to lose a loved one. anyone with an empathetic heart is likely grieving for the loss of this gifted actress ~ i can’t imagine what it must be like for her family right now and i hope they find peace in their hearts.
    and thank you again Susannah, for reminding us all to live messy, live big, and live NOW!

  11. meg manion silliker

    i just can’t get her out of my mind. i am so sad for her boys, for her husband. it’s so tragic. she was a beauty, a delightful actress that so many adored. she will be missed.

  12. boho girl

    i was so very sad to hear this.
    i have adored her for quite some time.
    didn’t she have such a classic beauty and grace?
    i didn’t know all this time that Joely was her sister. i’ve always loved her as well.
    those Redgraves are so special.

  13. susanna

    This is a lovely tribute to Natasha Richardson, Susannah. Yes, she came from a family of extraordinarily-talented women and from so many accounts, she was a kind, down-to-earth person. Such sad news.

  14. stacy

    completely sad and shocking to hear this news. i haven’t quite shaken it yet either. i really loved her, she was a different type of celebrity, and i loved her accent. {wink}
    i just have to think that someone who was taking ski lessons for the first in her fabulous forties was absolutely devouring every juicy morsel of delicious, messy, beautiful life… xo

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