~ Tasteful ~


I love the delicious vision of Emma Lee (discovered via The Style Files)




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  1. charlane

    ohhhhhhhhhhhh, creative and intriguing work.

  2. Wayfaring Wanderer

    Simply beautiful!
    I especially love that teapot shot. Thanks for sharing!

  3. kristen

    the teapots are brilliant. i love the eye candy today.

  4. Vicki Dvorak

    I love your photos and I’m just curious if you’ve thought of offering a basic online course on photography…. a little about the technical stuff, but mainly how to take beautiful photos. :)

  5. sas

    So excited to see a link to you on cup of jo! She has thousands of readers :)
    I knew I should have booked on the first Unravelling course. Next time it will be oversubscribed as everyone lines up to get some of that inky lovin’
    Such good things falling into your life!

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