~ Blow by blow ~


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  1. janehatesdick

    crying, making endless copies of paperwork to turn into the state for my midwifery application, crying, instant messaging with one of my best friends, crying, making plans to be out on my own for the first time ever, crying, mourning the end of my marriage, crying, feeling brave, crying, feeling unsteady, crying, taking extra vitamin c, crying, knowing that this is a period of cleansing and growth, crying, trying not to cry, crying, welcoming the tears, crying.

  2. suzanne


  3. Rachel B.

    feeding kids
    walking dog
    drinking tea
    pms again??

  4. sas

    watching the clock, twittering, writing, being interrupted from writing, sighing that day was spent writing stinky work report and not fun writing, realising that tweets can be fun writing incrorporated into day of being paid to write, attending meetings, communting, and for the last wee while, engrossing self in lovely Toast catalogue. YAY!

  5. furiousball

    stressing, looking for a job, worrying, reading to my kids, working on my laptop, crying

  6. Shanon

    taking the wrong exit while driving, volunteering at feed my starving children, stocking up on pepsi, avoiding a door to door salesman, reading blogs, posting, typing, thinking of working out, thinking of eating, thinking of eating and watching a soap. =)

  7. lorna

    we had a lot of visitors this afternoon so…
    i did some grocery shopping in the morning
    i iced lots of cakes
    cut them up and put them on little trays
    cooked some savoury finger food (pizzas etc)
    took photos
    waved goodbye to all of them around 6pm
    came to work
    now i want to leave the office and go back home so that i can
    have some of the dandelion sorbet i made on saturday
    read for a little while
    i hope you feel a bit better this evening?

  8. Deb

    preparing food, school running, twittering, emailing, preparing more food, building Brio train tracks, reading to little ones, preparing more food, reading blogs, panicking, emailing some more, getting the paint pots out, writing, school running, preparing food, reading, reading to little ones, flopping.

  9. gillian ware

    Hi Susannah, we exchanged messages early on through Holly’s course as I am staying in Bath at present. It really would be good to meet up with you sometime, but I gather you’ve been ill- if you’re better let’s try to meet for a coffee?
    Love your blog!

  10. Jeanine

    working, boring, thinking, typing, laughing, swearing, breathing, yearning, missing, wishing… one of those days.

  11. charlane

    errands, sniffing, coughing, errands, grocery, petting, unloading, cooking, reading, coughing, blessing, looking, editing, coughing, fussing, relaxing

  12. Kerstin

    Mmm, yes. Coughing. Too. And visiting tulip fields: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kcmartin/sets/72157617313754275/ And loving your photo!

  13. Marianne

    waking, chanting, singing off-key, dancing, writing, twittering, writing, blogging, collecting fruit from the garden, writing, watching a building pull the gib off my bedroom wall, making popcorn, drinking red wine in the afternoon, writing, twittering…
    get well soon my lovely x

  14. Jennifer White

    Hmmm… me?
    Aching, complaining (yes, really), wondering, realizing, wishing, aching more, deciding, still wondering, always wishing, more aching and now relaxing.

  15. luzie

    teaching, class, working, editing, organizing, listening to music, eating chilled oranges, soaking up sunlight, seizing moments, spending quality time with friends, plotting, surprising, reminiscing.
    hope you’re feeling a bit better, love. xo

  16. Feli

    waking, toasting, walking, typing, reading, chatting, talking, scheduling, emailing, blogging, cooking.
    Hope you feel better soon

  17. Merissa from Hawaii

    Hahaha! That post was cute and hilarious! I liked it!

  18. Graciel @ Evenstar Art

    existing in a sheer state of panic, pretending not to be in it.
    thinking the view from my knees is perhaps the best view to take right now.

  19. Farah

    sniffling and coughing

  20. Lunarmusings

    waking, yoga, chanting, reading email, not answering email, playing, procrastinating, playing some more, twittering, eating breakfast, caffeinating, playing with my hair, making lists, ignoring lists… this is where I am and its only 11 AM!

  21. Angie

    yawning, driving, yawning, doodling, coding, gossiping, queuing, eating, meeting, twittering, drinking, coding, writing, driving, eating, flolopping.
    Oh, and commenting!

  22. Leonie

    buying Polaroid film :)

  23. Thursday

    Getting paid to weed someone’s garden, planting veg in my own garden, contemplating making a scarecrow, bathing in Jo Malone Rose Roses bath oil, talking to Joe Brown on the phone who’s across the sea and far away.

  24. Terresa Wellborn

    Baking, cooking, tending to sick children, musing, eating chocolate, packing…and reading (this and other cool stuff).
    Lovely blog. Very sweet photography.

  25. bella

    left work early ~ enjoyed way too many icy coffees ~ made strawberry parfait desserts.
    simple nothings.

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