~ Brit bloggers unite ~

Emma_dress500[Emma and her beautiful dress]

I do some of my best brain-storming in Starbucks, iPod plugged in, caffeine on a drip and notebook in hand. The iPod not only focusses my mind but also drowns out the cackles and hollers from the teenage girls that sit in packs on the sofas, slurping their frappucinos and hot chocolates. However, if you'd have visted Starbucks yesterday you would have witnessed six thirty-something bloggers sitting in a circle doing a fair amount of cackling and hollering themselves.

Of course, we sounded like a bunch of geeks, talking about stats and comments and Squam; about who knows who, with their strange code names like Dooce and Swirly [sidenote: obviously none of us know Dooce personally]. Sloping away from Jamie's and his impossible waiting times we retired to Wagamama for noodles and green tea; more coffee came later, and a pit stop by the weir for the all-important photoshoot:

Bathgirlies500[Bath babes: Jo, Emma and Penny, Leonie and Megg]

Thank you for a wonderful day, ladies – I'll see you all very soon!

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  1. lisa

    sounds like an amazing afternoon…all that creative genius and loveliness in one place.

  2. pen*

    oh you certainly captured the “essence” of the day ;)
    ~ in your photos and your words!
    can’t wait to do it all again! :)

  3. Jo

    Wasn’t it lovely? And yes indeed, I am thirty-fifteen.

  4. Lee

    Sounds (and looks) like a wonderful time. Good for you for doing it!

  5. meg manion silliker

    oh how i wish i was there joining in on the fun and caffeine. it’s amazing the power of a blog – the power of the internet to connect people together in amazing ways. i look forward to checking out each and every blog from you gals! (and by the way that floral dress is fabulous – i always love the look of a dress over a pair of jeans! perfection!)

  6. leonie

    yep, great day. and your words make me smile and remember how much fun it was and how i can’t wait to do it again soon

  7. kasey

    oh, beautiful.

  8. Wayfaring Wanderer

    I love meeting with fellow bloggers!!!! I’ve only actually met one so far, but it was AWESOME :)

  9. Paris Parfait

    Such fun! So glad you got to meet Leonie. I adore her. xo

  10. darlene

    looks like super fun :-) xo

  11. Emma

    It was a lovely first date! I think we are all ready to go to second base – don’t you think? ;0)

  12. Bobbi

    This sounded like fun! I may have to get my bloggy friends together for an afternoon out.

  13. .kat.

    When bloggers unite!
    What fun must come
    from these encounters.
    Glad you gals had a
    grand ol’ time!

  14. charlane

    always so much fun to meet up with like minds! :) looks like a great time.

  15. Jennifer White

    Oh i want to go to Jamie’s and Wagamama and hang out with what looks to have been true fabulosity!

  16. leslie

    The shot of the dress is fantastic!!! So inspiring… as sounds your day! How wonderful.

  17. bb

    Ahhhh ~ this warms my heart and makes me feel all patriotic :-)

  18. Carol

    Sounds like a lotta, lotta fun!

  19. Elizabeth

    Bloggers unite in the UK!!! Oh man this looks so utterly fabulous– I think my code name would be swoony.
    Save this photo forever!! You will see it is a landmark photo– seriously, how cool is this?

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