~ Nothing but blue sky ~




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  1. Susannah

    ps. I love her earrings, don’t you?

  2. Chantal

    Gorgeous polaroids!!
    Mine don’t come out as saturated as yours (I use a very basic Supercolor 635).
    I’ve been listening to Alela Diane too, and can’t get enough of her “White as Diamonds”.

  3. Jo

    Snap :)

  4. charlane

    your polas always make me so happy

  5. Holly - UK

    ahh i love the sky!! something about it just makes me day dream!
    i love photographing the tops of trees against the expansive sky xx

  6. Isa

    And what a gorgeous blue sky it is. Lovely!
    xo Isa

  7. Hade

    Spring! Loveloveloveeee you pic’s!

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