~ The Dream ~

The Dream

Sometimes a dream lands so hard
it flattens you.

I liked it better before, you moan,
waving my dream like a silk handkerchief,
light and soundless above my head.

It could have been anything,
a kite, a bird, a large balloon
with three passengers.

Instead, it landed in your lap,
you asked for it,
secretly you had been reeling it in for months
like a trapped fish.

Too big for the net–
it loves you more than you love it.

It wants to stay here forever,
smiling and cuddling
in the bosom of your days.

~ Naomi Shihab Nye, from Words Under The Words

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  1. Michaela Dawn

    This is an enchanting post, and poem, indeed… what a fine treat to sail me through the day on wings of petals and thoughts sonny and yellow.
    Thank You!

  2. kristen

    pretty, pretty photo. we have similar photos. (= xo

  3. lisa t.

    It sounds like the dreams that can only be qualified and appreciated in their intensity with hindsight!
    I think we’ve all experienced those beautiful, quirky, sometimes uncomfortable moments when our lives takes on a direction of their own. Those pivotal twinklings in time that evolve into bigger and better things. At the core of which is a want, better yet a NEED to grow, but also a fear of the unknown……the great abyss of possibilities that beckon. Ultimately if/when we find the courage to go forward we find a place in ourselves and the world that is beyond anything that we could have ever imagined!
    *Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem and dream-like photo (the juxtaposition of canary yellow Converse and delicate cotton candy blooms is exquisite!)
    Feel better!

  4. meg manion silliker

    feel better! what could be cuter than yellow converse?!! awesome shot.

  5. megg

    OOh, you gave me the shivers –
    Hope YOUR shivers are better love.
    xo FB

  6. Carol

    Hope that you feel better soon!

  7. Catherine (from Paris)

    So so nice ;o)

  8. Jeanne

    Love all the cheery blossoms….that has to make your day a little better:-) Beautiful photo.

  9. Clarity

    A pretty glance at cherry blossoms. I believe that if you are disatisfied it’s normally a good indication that a change is needed, be it mental or even geographical. I hope you feel better soon…from a fellow Brit.

  10. alicia

    Hope you feel better very soon. This photo is unbelievably gorgeous!

  11. Se'Lah

    Lovely post…the petals are so soft and inviting. Wonder what they smelled like.
    Great capture.

  12. sas

    Hope you feel better soon – lemon and ginger tea, cashmere blanket, creamy vege soup, squishy sofa, t’internets, soft music, and DVD’s of nothing too taxing may be required :)

  13. gemma

    I hope you feel better soon.
    Lots of rest, hot water and honey and lots of warm lavender soaked baths mmmm that should help you out a little.
    Sending get well wishes

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