~ Hello June ~

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The sun rises in my bedroom and sets in my living room, so all day it follows me through the flat as i work. I'm not someone who likes to sunbathe (I burn) or spend an inordinate amount of time outside, but i like to have the sun visible in the sky; I like it to be warm outside; it makes me feel contented. Today I am very happy to welcome June into my world, with its 26 degrees of lovely sunshine. I'm grateful to have discovered a new David Whyte book to read, and for circles shared across the ocean. My ears are particularly appreciative of new music to listen to and my sunglasses are loving their new home. My eyes are meditating on my new desktop wallpaper* and my heart is reminded that everything is possible.

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20 responses
  1. vicki

    I love the collage of photos, Susanne…..beautiful. The colors are really nice, too. Thanks! :)

  2. Shanon

    Mmmm…. June is yellow. Yes-in-deedy. =)

  3. meg manion silliker

    the sunshine does follow you!! i knew it!! gorgeous photo.

  4. Megan

    I LOVE this wallpaper! I’m so excited.

  5. alex*

    Booootiful wallpaper!! I love that shirt as well….you are the best.
    happy june!!

  6. Roxanne Galpin/tinkerbell the bipolar faerie

    Yellow. Lot’s of sunshine in this post.

  7. charlane

    love the wallpaper – thank you. and I’m sure June welcomes you and all of your possibilities too.

  8. Jeanine

    love, love, love the new wallpaper – my favorite happy color. was actually thinking of going to see blind pilot. they are playing in montreal on my birthday :)

  9. furiousball

    gorgeous wallpaper, and i really love that mustard colored dress

  10. alison

    thank you for the new wallpaper. i love it! so cheery, and exactly what i was looking for.

  11. Laura.

    beautiful yellow! i feel like june is full of possibilities, too, and i am excited to see what they are.

  12. Marisa

    so, so beautiful!

  13. Laura

    Bright yellow is one of my favourite June colours too! And the sunshine definately brings possibilities, its the vitamin D!

  14. Christina

    this is lovely, friend. : )

  15. rice

    Call me a geek but I love that font almost as much as I love the wallpaper itself. Truly beautiful!

  16. Thao

    Thank you so much! It’s my wallpaper and it makes my heart light every time I see it. You are SO talented.

  17. Steph Bond @ Bondville

    Wonderful wallpaper Susanne! And I’m coveting the yellow blouse – yum. Thank you for sharing (I also really enjoyed your interesting things tag). Best wishes, Steph PS – I always put the loo lid down too – for the same reason!

  18. Ingrid

    I have loved June ever since i was a little girl!!

  19. lorna

    this post makes me happy!
    you forgot to mention that june is my birthday month though…. :) ;)
    we are having 28 degree days–what happened to the british isles we once knew?!

  20. liz

    oh my goodness, where have i been? this space you have here is so, so great.

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