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Aliciame[Alicia & me]

Every Monday I wake up more excited than on any other morning; before I've even put the kettle on or washed my face I am sitting at the computer, checking my email to see what Alicia has sent me overnight. We never discuss our pictures beforehand; she simply sends me her Polaroid shot for the week and I pair it with the shot i have sitting on my desktop, ready to go. When I asked Alicia if she'd like to work on a little collaboration with me, I had no idea that this would turn into such an enjoyable project. This morning I still had my thrill, as I opened her email to discover a shot of Lake Michigan, the perfect companion to my polka dot mug holding my daily hot water with lemon. We'd both been drawn to water; two blondes, two Polaroid lovers; two more of our Favorite Things. Today I wanted to share my favourite favorites.. so far.





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  1. My Mane in the Wind

    Wonderful! Is’nt it great — the synchronistic dance of your personalities — as reflected in your photos? Beautiful!

  2. Sherry

    A wonderful project from wonderful photographers, no, artists…great vision and your work complements one another so well!

  3. bella

    I love your photo collab… but something about today’s is just amazing! I’m really loving today’s. Have a good day sweetie.

  4. Shanon

    You are both most spectacular. Together you just sing. =)

  5. sas

    love the bath blossoms and the eggs – new life and possibilities :)

  6. Vivi

    The pictures, as well as you two, make such a pair. You guys look like the cooler younger sisters of Liz Phair!

  7. charlane

    I always love these dips…beautiful

  8. amy


  9. gypsyAlex

    Spent a few minutes catching up on your goodness and I must say, girl. You are the bomb! Good news! UK trip is on the horizon again. Keeping fingers crossed! xo

  10. gypsyAlex

    ps: You and Alicia even look alike! that is kind of crazy cute :)

  11. alex*

    you guys are all kinds of cute….lawdy!! these photos are so beautiful and even though they are complimentary, they are still really different. I love this!

  12. gemma

    These are great, if i had such a project up and running i would be just as excited every monday!
    Have a happy week xxx

  13. simply hue

    You are BOTH my favorite Polaroid photographers and a real inspiration to me. :)

  14. Laura

    I love how both of your styles are so different but fit perfectly together.

  15. blue bicicletta

    Those are so gorgeous!

  16. kelley kelley


  17. Amy

    These are truly beautiful!

  18. susanna

    Totally loving these images, Susannah! The one with the eggs and the building with the tree is so beautiful, serene, tugs at the heart. And the second one with the flower in hand and the bicycle looks like it’s from a film. I swear I can hear the espresso machine and the clinking of glasses and spoons in the third photo. And the fourth one makes me smile. Summery. And the last one, with the coincidental similarities between the tree branches and the details on the perfume bottle…lovely. Good work, ladies!
    PS: You and Alicia could be sisters! You look so much alike. Fabulous eyes and eyebrows!

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