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BluedoorflowerDigging deeper with a few questions from Style Statement

I love: ideas and images, a warm breeze, vintage instant photography, dreams, proper coffee, perfumes. A day of friendship followed by a few days of solitude. Visiting new countries. Silk quilts. The perfectly-packed suitcase. Old photo albums. Sharing. Reading poetry. Giraffes. Statement jewellery. Heart-to-hearts. Eating out. Staying at home. Being independent. The ocean. Flea markets.

I want to travel: to San Francisco. The desire to go to this city has been such a constant for so many years I’m amazed I haven’t managed the trip yet. Soon…

Philosophy on money: it’s energy that can be used to make your dreams a reality (investing in books, workshops, travel). I’m not particularly interested in material possessions or status symbols, but I am very interested in paying my rent and bills on time and using what I earn to make good things.

One outfit for the rest of my life
: skinny jeans, silk kaftan top, chunky silver jewellery

I find sexy: confidence, height and hairy chests. If they’re wearing dark jeans and flip flops I’m a gonner.

My philosophy on friendship: I’m a loyal friend who needs a lot of space. I’ll always be honest with you. I’ve had to learn to let some friendships go that were bringing my energy down – it always hurts. 

Art that has moved me: exhibitions of work by Tamara de Lempicka, Lucian Freud and photographer Francesca Woodman stick out in my mind. All the rest fades away. I remember my reaction to the Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1997 was mild disinterest.

Tools of my trade: my cameras, my computers, my notebooks, my eyes.

My inner rhythm: ebbs and flows. I can be very alert in the mornings, and another day it’s the evening.

Favourite scent
: currently obsessed with tuberose.

I nourish my well-being: with plenty of time to read and recharge at home; with water and juices; walks outside with my camera and soulful time with my family.

I feel uncomfortable: when sitting in an office. It never worked for me and I was a lousy employee (in my heart; in the real world I appeared conscientious)

A completely outrageous thing I’d like to own
: a turquoise VW camper van

Very interested in: helping others to look inside themselves to find their true voice; sharing what I know.

A small part of me: yearns to be kissed. Her voice is getting louder by the day.

Creative means to me: writing, sharing, teaching, inspiring, remembering, recording, planning, dreaming.

Sensual means to me
: tactile, perfumed, delicious, luxurious, flirty, confident, womanly, knowing.

13 responses
  1. Chris

    Lovely, dreamy post, Susannah!

  2. beth lamphier

    i love that you can express your self so fully…i relate to many of your ideas on life…thanks

  3. charlane

    lovely and i’m sure this required a lot of thought. and dark jeans? yum

  4. blue bicicletta

    very cool—I’ve always liked making lists like this and answering questions like this—one that sticks out for me is being a lousy employee but appearing conscientious. I could say the exact same thing about myself.

  5. hope | paper relics

    I love following other’s style statement path of discovery… it is such a wonderful journey isn’t it?

  6. Shanon

    These questions are so thought provoking and as usual, you have the most interesting answers.
    I hope you get kissed soon, and that it’s reeeally nice. =)

  7. darlene

    oh so good … i loved when i worked through it last winter, it really helped me see me and i think its where i found my hippy urban girl!
    its really wonderful reading your answers and makes me think i should have shared mine, you are so giving …
    oh and the tall, confident and hairy chested, yups ~ that’s what did me in with my love ;-)

  8. Catherine (from Paris)

    Hello Susannah. You already convinced me with the previous post about it, but this book really sounds very interesting ! I’ll try to catch during my holidays, or I’ll amazon it when I come back. You’re lucky to have all these stimulating books in English. We don’t have so many of them in French, and they’re not translated … Thanks for sharing ;o)

  9. barbara

    i´m getting that book for sure after this post…. i love giraffes too..they are my favourite animal…love how they bent to drink water
    Beautiful post, it is so poetic!

  10. Amanda

    So these are questions asked in the book, Susannah?
    I don’t own any skinny jeans. I need to lose some weight. It really bugs me too because all grey jeans are skinny and I really want some grey jeans!
    I always love reading your thought processes.

  11. Susie

    August-Sept. is a good time to come to SF! But of course.. you’ll still have the fogs. Your thoughts are great! I have the same philosophy on friends (I had to let some go too).

  12. Roxanne

    love to take in what you find upon digging deeper. i have never been to SF, it sort of does intrigue me … tho’ the south is where i’d love to visit.
    of course i’m partial to British Columbia, Vancouver in particular. But the gulf islands are lovely and serene ~ wonderful to visit. i am drawn to Vancouver, because, the ocean, the mts and the forest are all accessible by those of us who don’t own a car.

  13. kristen

    tuberrose are my favorite flowers. i love the contrast in our lists and the common threads too. xx

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