~ Pola gratitude No. 1 ~


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  1. Lisa T.

    You are such a luminous woman! I appreciate your continued candidness and sharing of thoughts, words, pictures,etc.; all which are sources of inspiration that have have been a guide in helping me reevaluate where I am standing on the path of life and which way to journey down next! *THANK YOU* Lisa (Unravelling student)

  2. Jeanine

    stunning. simply stunning, you are.

  3. kristen

    pretty frock. i love writing with polaroids, so powerful.

  4. Carol


  5. charlane

    beautiful gratitude – i love what this inspired in me

  6. sas

    such a sexy babe ;)

  7. bella

    Can I just say.. that you are radiating honey and gold and pomegranate and such luscious beauty???!!! This is a gorgeous shot of you. Have a great weekend ~ xo

  8. doorways traveler

    what a gorgeous, talented, deep, and gratitude-inspiring beauty you are. xx

  9. Jan's camera

    This is such a beautiful photo of you. And your words were even more beautiful. Gratitude. That is what it is really all about.

  10. jfrancis

    that bathe the heart
    with the richness
    of life.

  11. kimberly


  12. Roxanne

    you radiate. you’re beautiful. and, ah yes, good hair days …

  13. megg


  14. Amanda

    Stunning, as always.

  15. barbara

    you look great….. yes you are having a beautiful hair day!!!!beautiful handwritting you have too…..

  16. Elle

    Absolutely gorgeous.

  17. Mara

    *big sigh*

  18. Neil

    When you have good hair days, everything else falls into place.

  19. Zarina

    I´m so grateful for your pictures and your words. You´re my inspiration right now!!!

  20. gem

    you are divine.
    i am grateful for you & your presence in the world.

  21. mj

    “rare good hair days” … and there I was about to ask you if I can take a picture of you into my hairdresser and say “this please”!! :o)x

  22. Blue Bicicletta

    beautiful self-portrait!

  23. gina armfield

    just found your blog through Susan Tuttle’s and so glad I did – your work and words are lovely – namaste with many happy returns – gina

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