~ Scents and Sensuality ~

Two things arrived through my door yesterday that have been delighting me for the last 24 hours: my copy of Style Statement and my custom-made perfume from Etsy seller Meredith of Sweet Anthem.

Style Statement was created by Carrie McCarthy (Refined Treasure) and Danielle LaPorte (Sacred Dramatic) as a way to uncover the two words that define and inspire you and your life. i remember discovering their website a while ago and at first glance assuming it was all about style-as-fashion, but I was wrong and it took a group discussion started by Unraveller Hope last week to finally plug me into what this is all about – and I'm hooked! I spent the whole of yesterday afternoon working through the book, answering the questions – some deep, some playful – to figure out what my personal Style Statement is. They work with the 80/20 principle: the first word reflects your inner foundation, your 80%; the second word is your creative edge, your 20%.

I went into this thinking i knew what my SS was likely to be, yet what i ended up with still managed to surprise me. My Style Statement is Creative Sensual and the more i sit with this the more me it feels.

And now I have my two words? The book says: 'Your Style Statement defines your authentic self…. Knowing your Style Statement helps you make empowered decisions – from your wardrobe to your relationships and work. When the spirit and the look and feel of your life are connected to your true nature, you feel at home wherever you are. You walk taller. You think more clearly. And the world responds accordingly.' Your Style Statement can be applied to anything from the foods you eat and exercise you take to a new business card design or the way you begin your day.

What's ringing my bell in particular is that i look around my home, in my wardrobe, at my newly-made website and my style of photography and i see my Style Statement infused in all of these things – and beyond. And it tickled me that as i worked through the book i was wearing a perfume oil* I'd commissioned – creative + sensual (and such good value – Meredith is lovely).

So yes, this is the most illuminating book i've worked through in quite some time and I highly recommend it. I also feel it would be a great way to uncover additional insights for anyone Unravelling with me, either during or after the course.

If you work through the book, or already know your SS, please do share!

* ginger, nutmeg, tuberose, patchouli – fabulous!

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  1. megg

    Hey you!
    Yup, I have done it, and I loved it!!!
    Mine was so hard to do. I wanted to be so many words, but when I looked them up or tried to live with them, they didn’t make sense.
    After a lot of searching, I am Nostalgic Playful!

  2. charlane

    it sounds intriguing. the scents sounds lush when mixed together and I bet fits the ‘senual’ side of the puzzle.

  3. Kelly

    I have this book but never managed to work through it. You’ve inspired me to pick it back up!

  4. Marianne @ Zen Peacekeeping

    Creative Sensual is perfect! Couldn’t think of anything better.
    That sounds like something that I would learn a lot from. I’ll see if I can find a copy while I’m in the States since books here are prohibitively expensive.

  5. Angie

    Creative and Sensual sounds like you to a T!
    This book looks intriguing… I feel an amazon purchase coming on. I’ve got a big decision to make soon and I think this might help me.

  6. barbara

    Im feeling i just want that book!!!!! it looks like fun!!!
    i love your description… creative and sensual.. i´ll see what i get!!!

  7. hope | paper relics

    I am so glad the book resonated with you as much as it did for me. Having my statement (nostalgic creativity) has been very empowering for me, and I have a website redesign in the works that acutally will incorporate the words of my statement since it refelcts me and my company so well.
    the Style Statement blog has prompts occasionally with ways to reflect upon or to think about your statement.

  8. Heidi

    I’m so glad you mentioned this book! I am always recommending this book to friends and refer back to my style statement as a touch stone. I don’t think my whole self can quite be captured in two words, but if it can, this is it: Cozy Wonder. Sigh. I still love it.

  9. Stephanie Watanabe

    Oooh, Creative Sensual…meet a Creative Authentic. :)
    I read this book, cover to cover, printed out the pages, did ALL the questions and found my SS. It took me 3 months, but was worth all the work.
    At first I wasn’t sure, but after doing a lot of soul searching and life-shifting, I have realized that this statement of ME, couldn’t be closer to the truth.
    I’m SO glad you blogged about this book — it deserves this recognition and so much more. I adore it!!
    You ROCK!!!

  10. Sharon

    Mine is Elemental Wabi-Sabi…. I love Style Statement, and have you seen Danielle’s new blog, White Hot Truth. It really is great.
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  11. Catherine

    Hello Susannah. I bought it last week and started reading it, while travelling to see family in Canada. I find it both very well made and terribly empowering. I have not finished yet to answer the questions, but I’ve already find a possible SS that seems to work wonderfully !!! Thank you so much for giving me the idea. It is one of the best book I’ve ever read on the suject ;o)

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