~ Being visible ~

Something really unexpected happened yesterday. Abby and I were in town; we'd had lunch out and were perusing the high street, drawn to shops with air conditioning (it was insanely hot yesterday). As we were nearing home time and starting to flag, we popped into one last shop for a last-minute present, and to try on a few of the dresses that were on sale. We were helped by a lovely young woman, who was wearing the most fabulous top (from here; i asked her). On our way out we paid, did our usual sister-comedy routine at the till when we realised we'd forgotten wrapping paper and a card, so doubled back, chose some, and paid again (are you keeping up?)

It was when we were about to leave that the lovely woman in the fabulous top looked at me and tentatively asked: 'Is your name Susannah?'

'Yes it is,' I said, feeling my face flush a little.

'I read your blog,' she said.

Friends, this has never happened before! I was two parts embarrassed to one part thrilled. It was humbling and weird and lovely, all at once, and completely made my day. We chatted for a bit before Abby and I made our exit, and when I got home i mused on how my word for the year  – visible – has now officially been achieved. Paula, I'm so glad you said hello!

* * * * *

In other news, I've been rather visible on the internet over the last week or so – i know, i know, it's an addiction. You can find me chatting about the creative life over on Create Well… Create Often, and I'm moaning talking about my rainy summer in a guest post for the lovely Stephanie Levy. And if that's not enough, you'll find my final Super 16 column for Paper n Stitch here

Happy Wednesday! and ps. i have a Creative Life interview to share with you tomorrow that i am really excited about……

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  1. Yvette

    Hi Susannah,
    I too read your blog and we have never met! To make the world “smaller” I am friends with a friend of Brene’s in Texas. I stumbled across your website through hers and have been hooked ever since. I just love your photographs, your words and your message. I have been reading for about a month or two… sorry i haven’t introduced myself yet but this post encouraged me to do so. I am also a Texan but now live in the uk in a little town in Herefordshire. Love your blog, it’s beautiful!

  2. Galia

    “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin
    I thought you might relate to this quote which is my current quote of inspiration. Perhaps it would have been more timely for you on New Years Eve, you seem to be well on the other side by now. I discovered your blog about a week ago following the links, as you do, on my own journey where I think my word for the moment is EVOLVE. Anyway I am waiting for your next session to of unravel to begin which fabulously for me is on the first day of spring a day always worthy of some small celebration. You have even inspired me to grab onto an old polaroid camera for my own personal project and get back into the alchemy of photography in an age where that chemical magic has been usurped by digital wizardry.

  3. Roxanne

    What a small world!

  4. Carol

    That must have felt wonderful… it’s a small world :-)

  5. Amanda

    It’s kinda freaky isn’t it?
    I’m glad the girl got the courage to say hello.
    My boy and I were at V Festival a few years back when this random dude came up to us and said, “Are you Sean and Amanda? I read your blogs? I love you guys!”
    He hugged us and danced away into the crowd lol

  6. Swirly

    You are a SUPERSTAR!!

  7. Zavila

    Susannah, I love your blog too!!! I hope to meet you some day, when walking back to Uk. I´m from Colombia in South America. I love photography and I love your polaroids… you are so inspiring for me and my dream to be a grat photographer someday. Thank you so much for this space for enjoy and to believe that my dream it´s possible.

  8. Lori

    Wow, that’s cool…I’m sure she was probably just as surprised & happy as you were :)

  9. denise

    this is a sweet story, love…made my heart warm and i can imagine there were many giggles with your sis afterwards. glad you could share that moment with her. easier to digest when a loved one is there.
    this has happened to me a few times and carsten was always with me. tears spilled each time…even for him. its just surreal and humbling to feel familiar with someone you do not know but knows your story so well.
    my nephew mark got recognized from when he was in that dreadful car accident and my sis blogged about it, remember? he’s not at all connected to the blog world, so it freaked him out (yet he wouldn’t stop talking about it for ages…it obviously touched him deep).
    we are all connected.
    …and you are a super star. ; )

  10. hope | paper relics

    earlier this year, i was at a shop that carries my cards with a friend. The store is really great, selling antiques and some reproduction stars to hang on the wall – made of metal, and very pointy… Anyway, a woman approached my friend asking if I was Hope Wallace of Paper Relics – and if I was, would she think I would mind autographing one of my cards for her. AUTOGRAPHING! How crazy is that? well, of course I agreed (it has been my one and only autograph signing!), and was so freaked out at how nervous she was around me, that it made ME nervous. So nervous in fact that I when I stood up from leaning over a table to sign her card, I clocked my head on the tip of one of those metal stars I mentioned. Ouch. We both were mortified – it was so embarrassing – the entire incident was surreal . Luckily this is not a common occurrence. Though I have had people shriek, yes SHRIEK, in my face when I told them who I was. One time Mike was with me and was really startled – he physically fell backwards a few paces. It is all quite funny, I really feel like it is silly that someone would be nervous around me or shriek to meet me, honestly, I am not that exciting!

  11. Caroline Hancox

    wow, thats so exciting!

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