~ Inspiring: Tara Donne ~







[all photographs by the exceptionally talented Tara Donne]

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  1. Shanon

    Yay! I love her work! I’ve always love the shelves with the framed fish, but now I have all these new faves. =)

  2. charlane

    gorgeous scenes of life

  3. Blue Bicicletta

    beautiful photos–like everyday still lifes. I love how you can feel the people in these photos without them actually being there. Excellent quality of light!
    Wish my house wasn’t such a cave–darn rentals! One day I dream of large beautiful windows!

  4. doorways traveler


  5. christina

    Oh thank you for sharing these! GORGEOUS!

  6. maggie may

    i love photos of everyday life

  7. Joanna

    Over the years I enjoyed Tara Donne’s work featured in Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, she seems to be able to capture the true essence of real life and makes the ordinary really pop out and grasp your attention.
    Thank you for sharing!

  8. pixie

    These are stunning photos! I love the tiny birds amongst the crumbs! :)

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